el morro

Puerto Rico – Island of Enchantment

Puerto Rico – Island of Enchantment Puerto Rico: The incredible geographic diversity, the rich and colorful history and the warm hospitality of Puerto Rico make the Island a unique place in the world. Our natural attractions are certainly breathtaking. The island of Puerto Rico is famous for its white sand beaches, bathed by a crystalline and colorful sea that moves between light blue and emerald green. Our island is a paradise for those who enjoy

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Aguada, Puerto Rico

Aguada, Puerto Rico – Sotomayor’s Villa Foundation: About three hundred years ago on September 17, 1692, King Carlos II of Spain issued a Royal Certificate causing five small villages to ascend to the category of Collective Parish, each with a First Lieutenant. These villages were: Aguada (ah-GWAH-dah), Ponce, Arecibo, Coamo and Loíza. The honor of the position of First Lieutenant for Aguada was given to Mr. Juan López de Segura. The historical data indicates that

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aibonito flor

Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Aibonito, Puerto Rico – City Of Flowers Foundation: Don Manuel Vélez founded Aibonito on March 13, 1824. Aibonito (ei-bo-NEE-to) is derived from the Taíno Jatibonuco language which means “river at night”. This territory once belonged to the Villa de Coamo and was known as Laybonito, later Aybonito and finally Aibonito. A legend also says that the name “Aibonito” is derived from the story of a Spanish musketeer admiring the Asomante Mountain and inspired by the

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Arecibo lighthouse

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Arecibo, Puerto Rico – Captain Correa Villa Foundation: Arecibo (ah-re-SEE-boh) has existed as a population nucleus since the early years of the sixteenth century (1533). In the year 1570 the Taino Indians entrusted the land to the Spaniards who began to live in the village. According to history, the name Arecibo comes from an Indian Chief named Arazibo. The historian, Francisco M. Cadilla, doubts this assertion as he mentions in his book, “Los Ochonentistas,” based

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Barceloneta, Puerto Rico

Barceloneta, Puerto Rico – Industrial City Foundation: Among the youngest towns of the island, the city of Barceloneta was founded the July 1, 1881. It was one of the last municipalities created by the Spanish government in Puerto Rico. Its founder was Don Bonocio Lenza Feliú. Barceloneta was named in honor of Barcelona (city of Spain) where the founder was born. Thirteen years after its foundation it experienced great agricultural and industrial development with 3

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barranquitas tienda

Barranquitas, Puerto Rico

Barranquitas, Puerto Rico – Home of Notable Citizens Foundation: Barranquitas’ (bahr-rahn-KEE-tahs) name is derived from its muddy terrain. During the XIX century Comerío, Hato Puerto, Aibonito, Jatibonico, Orocovis and Los Barros became towns or parties, Barranquitas being one of first in 1803. During the first years of the XVI century (1508), it was necessary to unite the south of the island with the north with a route crossing the center of the island. At the

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cabo rojo faro

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico – Cofresí’s Town Foundation: Cabo Rojo (KAH-bo, ro-ho) derives its name from Christopher Columbus’ companions during his second voyage to the Americas. During this trip the Admiral discovered Puerto Rico. While trying to to round the southeastern end of the island the crew observed the reddish color of the terrain of that zone (well known today as Los Morrillos) and named it “Cabos Rojos”. Nevertheless the Spaniards were not the first

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canovanas alcaldia

Canóvanas, Puerto Rico

Canóvanas, Puerto Rico – Valiant Town Fundación: Founded in 1910 by Luis Hernaíz Veronne, it wasn’t until 1970 that it officially became a municipality. The name Canóvanas (kah-NO-vah-nahs) is derived from the Taíno Chief, Canóbana, who ruled the margins of the Grande de Loíza river, then called Cairabón or Cayniabón. Miguel Diaz was given charge of Canóbana and apparently Canóbana did not participate in the uprising of the indigenous people. Canóvanas is known as the

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carolina aeropuerto

Carolina, Puerto Rico

Carolina, Puerto Rico – Land of Giants Foundation: Carolina (kah-ro-LEE-nah) was founded by Lorenzo Vizcarrondo under Governor and Commander in Chief Don Fernando de Costoñer, January 31, 1857. Its original name was Trujillo Bajo. It is known that Don Gaspar Martinez donated the land to establish the municipality, but requested that the city be named in honor of his daughter Carolina de San Juan. Carolina is also known as “Tierra De Gigantes” (Land Of Giants),

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