canovanas alcaldia

Canóvanas, Puerto Rico

Canóvanas, Puerto Rico – Valiant Town Fundación: Founded in 1910 by Luis Hernaíz Veronne, it wasn’t until 1970 that it officially became a municipality. The name Canóvanas (kah-NO-vah-nahs) is derived from the Taíno Chief, Canóbana, who ruled the margins of the Grande de Loíza river, then called Cairabón or Cayniabón. Miguel Diaz was given charge of Canóbana and apparently Canóbana did not participate in the uprising of the indigenous people. Canóvanas is known as the

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carolina aeropuerto

Carolina, Puerto Rico

Carolina, Puerto Rico – Land of Giants Foundation: Carolina (kah-ro-LEE-nah) was founded by Lorenzo Vizcarrondo under Governor and Commander in Chief Don Fernando de Costoñer, January 31, 1857. Its original name was Trujillo Bajo. It is known that Don Gaspar Martinez donated the land to establish the municipality, but requested that the city be named in honor of his daughter Carolina de San Juan. Carolina is also known as “Tierra De Gigantes” (Land Of Giants),

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culebra carey

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra, Puerto Rico – Little Island Foundation: Culebra (koo-LAI-brah) was founded October 27, 1880 by Cayetano Escudero. The original names were “Passage Island” and “Island of San Idelfonso” in honor to bishop San ldefonso de la Culebra. Cayetano Escudero was the first delegate of Culebra designated by a governmental order from de Island of Vieques August 2, 1881. The capital is Dewey, where most of the 1,868 inhabitants of the archipelago live. The municipality of

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Gurabo, Puerto Rico

Gurabo, Puerto Rico – Town of Stairways Foundation: Before Gurabo (goo-RAH-bo) was declared an independent municipality it was Burabo, a district of Caguas. This district was distant from Caguas, which caused transportation problems during the eighteenth century. Caguas could not take care of the problems of their neighbors in this district. In 1812 the residents of Gurabo decided to take action on this matter. The 168 heads of family who lived in the district met

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maunabo faro

Maunabo, Puerto Rico

Maunabo, Puerto Rico – The Calm City Foundation: Maunabo (mou-NAH-bo) was founded in 1779, according to historian Cayetano Coll y Toste. The origin of its name is related to Chief Manatuabón (although there are discrepancies about the existence of this chief) and the Manatuabón River, many times mistaken for the Grande de Manatí River. Maunabo’s first settlers were from neighboring Guayama that, once the Caribe Indians and the pirates disappeared, the settlement of this coastal

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patillas charco azul

Patillas, Puerto Rico

Patillas, Puerto Rico – Emerald of the South Foundation: The town of Patillas (pah-TEE-yahs) was founded in 1811. Doña Adelina Cintrón, donated eight acres of land to unite the settlers and to construct the basic municipal works: church, mayorship, priest’s house, plaza and slaughter house. The fundamental reason for the foundation of the town was the establishment of sugar cane mills in the valley, which brought as a consequence the need for more land to

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vieques sunbay

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques, Puerto Rico – Baby Island Foundation: Vieques (vee-AI-kais), was discovered by Christopher Columbus in his second voyage. SInce 1938 according to a law formulated by the legislature, recognizes November 19th as the day of the discovery for both the “Baby Island” and the “Big Island”. A controversy between some historians exists who believe that Vieques was discovered 3 days (16th) before the Island of Puerto Rico, but it is officially celebrated the 19th as

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