Barceloneta, Puerto Rico

Barceloneta, Puerto Rico – Industrial City Foundation: Among the youngest towns of the island, the city of Barceloneta was founded the July 1, 1881. It was one of the last municipalities created by the Spanish government in Puerto Rico. Its founder was Don Bonocio Lenza Feliú. Barceloneta was named in honor of Barcelona (city of Spain) where the founder was born. Thirteen years after its foundation it experienced great agricultural and industrial development with 3

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guaynabo centro bellas artes

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico’s First Settlement Foundation: Guaynabo (gwei-NAH-bo) was founded in 1769, after its founders went through much turmoil battling to separate themselves from Bayamón because they had the approval since December 14, 1764, to found their town. Previously the city of Guaynabo was known as Buinabo. The Taíno name of Guaynabo means “Here is another fresh water place”, meaning, that the origin of Guaynabo is Indian-Antillean. Cacique Mabó ruled the Guaynabo

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hatillo mascarita

Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Hatillo, Puerto Rico – Milk Industry Capital Foundation: Don Agustín Ruíz Miranda founded Hatillo (ah-TEE-yo) as a village June 30, 1823. Its first mayor was Don Francisco Martinez. Originally the lands consisted of a lot that was approximately ten “cuerdas” (a cuerda is less than an acre). They were granted by Agustín Ruíz Miranda with the condition that public buildings be erected and wide streets be built and the remaining land be sold or yielded

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isabela pozo

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Isabela, Puerto Rico – The Northwestern Garden Foundation: Chief Mabodomaca ruled the region where Isabela (ee-sah-BAI-lah) was founded. He was one of the most important chiefs of the Island. Although the actual date is not known, a settlement called San Antonio de la Tuna existed in this great extension of land that occupy today the municipalities of Isabela, Camuy and Quebradillas. Its center was at that time along the shoreline of the Guajataca River. Around

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quebradilla guajataca

Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Quebradillas, Puerto Rico – The Pirate’s Hideout Foundation: Quebradillas (ke-brah-DEE-yahs) was founded, in 1823, by Don Felipe Ruiz and Francisco A. Bravo who donated land, eight acres and one and one-half acres respectively to erect the municipal buildings. Around 1805, the struggle to obtain authorization to populate a town began between the neighbors of what today are known as the municipalities of Quebradillas and Camuy. In 1815 the neighbors of Camuy Arriba, or Quebradillas, empowered

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san sebastian

San Sebastián, Puerto Rico

San Sebastián, Puerto Rico – San Sebastián Del Pepino Foundation: The original name was San Sebastián (sahn se-bahs-tee-AHN), de las Vegas y el Pepino, because of its location in an extensive valley protected by mountains, watered by the Culebrinas and Guatemala rivers, and by the locally wooded hills called “pepinos” (cucumbers), characteristic of the karst zone. Authorization to found the town dates from 1752. It is said that its founder was don Cristóbal González, neighbor

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Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

Vega Baja, Puerto Rico – City of “Syrup” Foundation: The territory occupied by Vega Baja (VAI-gah BAH-hah) today, has been inhabited for 2,358 years. The first inhabitants of the then called region of Cibuco were Indians. The Cibuco region was slowly populated by a rural society dedicated mainly to the raising of cattle. Vega Baja was founded according to the historians in 1776. Its first name was Vega-Baxa del Naranjal de Nuestra Señora del Rosario.

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