guayama plaza

Guayama, Puerto Rico

Guayama, Puerto Rico – Town of Wizards Foundation: Matías de Abadía founded Guayama (gwah-YAH-mah) in 1736. Its name is of Taino origin and derived from the region where Cacique Guanamí and Cacique Guayama lived, guayama means “great site”. The town is known as El Pueblo de los Brujos (Town of Wizards) in honor of “Moncho el Brujo” (Moncho the Wizard), a legendary baseball pitcher from Guayama. Location: Located in the southern coast, its bordered by:

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guayanilla playa ventana

Guayanilla, Puerto Rico

Guayanilla, Puerto Rico – Agüeybaná’s Land Foundation: The origins of Guayanilla (gwah-yah-NEE-yah) goes back to 1756 when Yauco was founded as a town. Guayanilla was then a ward of Yauco. Guayanilla was growing quickly because of its location in very fertile lands and also had the port where all local commerce was being carried out. Because of the fertile lands and the port, Guayanilla became an important progressive agricultural center. Guayanilla was officially founded by

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penuela _flamboyan

Peñuelas, Puerto Rico

Peñuelas, Puerto Rico – Valley of the Flame Trees Foundation: Peñuelas (PAIN-wai-lahs) was founded by Diego de Alvarado. In 1745 a group of peasants settled in basin of the Guayanés river with intentions to cultivate de valley. This group increased gradually, and by 1788 there were about 80 families that cultivated the land and raised cattle. Due to the great amount of contraband in the “Tallaboa Port”, pirates, and all sorts of crime, the inhabitants

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ponce bombas

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Ponce, Puerto Rico – Pearl of the South Foundation: Ponce’s (PON-sai) historical importance goes back to the migratory period of the clans and pre-Columbian groups (archaic, ingeris, pre-Taíno and Taíno) . These settled in the southwestern region of the country (between Ponce and Cabo Rojo) and founded the chieftainship of Guainía. The chief of this territory was Agüeybaná that, according to the chroniclers of the era was the chief of greatest authority in the Island.

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Villalba, Puerto Rico

Villalba, Puerto Rico – City of the Advancers Foundation: Before the official foundation of Villalba (vee-YAHL-bah), it was a ward of the town of Juana Díaz, as well, it had been a ward of Coamo until 1798. In 1846, the geographic jurisdiction of Juana Diaz constituted the districts: Río Cañas Arriba, Río Cañas Abajo, Guayabal, Lomas, Sabana Llana, Capitanejo, Jacaguas, Cayabo, Collores, Tijeras, Hato Puerco Arriba, Hato Puerco Abajo, Caonillas Arriba, Caonillas Abajo, Villalba Arriba

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