Las Marías, Puerto Rico

Las Marias, Puerto Rico

Las Marías, Puerto Rico

Town Of The Sweet Orange

las marías bienvenidoFoundation: Populating Las Marías (lahs mah-REE-yahs) began late in the history of the island because of difficulties in building roads in this region. The lack of roads made cattle operations difficult, which were the origin of almost all the local economies. Its foundation was carried out by Canaries and Majorcans.

Las Marías was a ward of its capital San Sebastián, which was at a great distance. In a 1857, when the Furnias ward of the municipality of Mayagüez was reconstituted as a separate parish, having a population of 249, the residents and proprietors of Las Marías made a request to the Provincial Delegation to be segregated from San Sebastián and be incorporated into the parish of Furnias. Such incorporation was authorized in 1859.

But the development of Las Marías already had begun, with a remarkable increase of the population in just a few years. For that reason the local population asked for authorization from the government to reconstitute themselves as an independent town from Mayagüez.

On March 20, 1871 the Provincial Delegation authorized this request and it was carried out. Shortly after, Las Marías was constituted as an independent parish under the avocation of the Inmaculada Concepción de María. Once constituted it shared with Mayagüez military, judicial and ecclesiastical matters. By the end of this century Las Marías was made up of the following wards: Anones, Alto Sano, Bucarabones, Buena Vista, Cerrote, Chamorro, Espino, Furnias, Las Marías Pueblo, Naranjales, Palma Escrita, Purísima Concepción and Río Cafías.

mapa las mariasLocation: SLocated in the west, towards the center of the island, it is bordered byk: Ańasco and San Sebastián to the north, Maricao to the south, Lares to the east, and Ańasco and Mayagüez to the west.
Area: 122.2 sq km / 47.0 sq mi
Population: 11,061 (census 2000)
Population Density: 90.5 per sq km / 235.4 per sq mi
People are known as: Marieños
Las Marías is also known as:
Pueblo de la China Dulce (Town Of The Sweet Orange)
Ciudad de los Cítricos (Citric City)

Wards: Las Marias, Puerto Rico
barrios las marias

Census 2000: Population by Wards – Las Marías Habitants
Alto Sano 145
Anones 1,443
Bucarabones 598
Buena Vista 715
Cerrote 612
Chamorro 220
Espino 183
Furnias 1,508
Las Marías Town 397
Maravilla Este 944
Maravilla Norte 663
Maravilla Sur 1,899
Naranjales 485
Palma Escrita 693
Purísima Concepción 144
Río Cañas 412
Total 11,061

Source: Censo 2000

La Inmaculada Concepción de María
La Inmaculada Concepción de María Parish
Apartado 126
Las Marías, PR 00670
(787) 827-3300
Mass Schedule:
Daily: 7:00pm
Saturdays: 5:00pm
Sundays: 10:00am
las marias iglesia
La Inmaculada Concepción de María Parish

Topography: Las Marías is located in the spurs of the Central Mountain Range with the municipality of Maricao. Some of its elevations are: Las Marías, Plan Bonito and Herencia. The Urayoán Mountains, that run thru the southwest separate it from Mayagüez.
Hydrography: Las Marías is well known for its numerous water springs. It is bathed by the Grande de Ańasco river (known as Guasio), which serves as border with San Sebastián. Its affluents are the: Guaba, Bucarabones, Mayagüecilla, Sands, Casey and Cańas rivers; and the Fría, Mayagüecilla, La Verde, Las Marías, Los Verracos, Cintrona, Vélez, Collera, Pepinera and La Mota gorges.
Economy: Agriculture: coffee, bananas and citrus; and manufacturing: clothing.
Average Salary: $218.09 weekly (1998)

las marias banderaFlag: The flag is divided by an imaginary diagonal line whose ends are the superior left angle of the flag and the opposite inferior angle. The superior part is yellow and the inferior one green. It was designed by the Marieńo historian José Luis Medina Caraballo.

las marias escudoCoat Of Arms: The shield is divided into six parts with three in silver and three in blue. A “María” tree (Callophylum brasiliense antillum), with a pair of coffee tree branches to the sides of its trunk, adorns each silver part. The monogram and crown of Nuestra Seńora la Santísima Virgen de Plata is placed in the top center portion of the shield. The shield’s border is red with a broken chain at the bottom. Above the shield resides three tower crown in gold.

The monogram refers to the old Parish of Dulce Nombre de María, origin of the town, and the frequent use of the name of Maria here by people of both sexes. The name of the municipality refers directly to the María trees, although they do not abound in the territories of the municipality, act as talking souls.

The blue and silver, main colors of the shield, also refer to the Virgin. The coffee tree branches indicate that Las Marías is located in the coffee region of Puerto Rico and that coffee has been always one of its main agricultural products.

The broken chain, symbol of freedom, recalls the participation of the revolutionaries of Las Marías in the “Grito de Lares” revolt, who in 1868 proclaimed in the town of Lares the independence of Puerto Rico.

Public Schools sorted by educational levels.
Mayagüez Region
Las Marías District

Name Level Telephone Address
BRYAN K-6 (787) 827-3066 HC 2 Box 11018, P.R. 00670-9069
BUCARABONES K-6 (787) 827-0085 PO Box 10880, P.R. 00670-9062
CONSUMO K-6 (787) 831-0818 PO Box 233, P.R. 00670-9069
ESPINO K-6 (787) 827-3070 HC 2 Box 11018, P.R. 00670-9069

K-6 (787) 827-2320 PO Box 233, P.R. 00670-2004
INTERMEDIA NUEVA 7-9 (787) 827-2100 # 5 Calle Palmer Suite 1, P.R. 00670-2104
FORTUNATO JORGE CORONA K-9 (787) 827-2033 HC 2 Box 10462, P.R. 00670-9044
SU LAURO GONZÁLEZ HIJO PK-9 (787) 827-2540 PO Box 233, P.R. 00670-9069
High School
EVA Y PATRIA CUSTODIO 10-12 (787) 827-4115 163 Calle Mathias Bruckman, P.R. 00670-2016


Por tus montes y tus aguas cristalinas.
Por tus hombres, tus mujeres y tu fe.
Por tu aroma a flor de azahar que dan tus chinas
y tu aroma y fuerte sabor a café.

Por el fuego del combate desde Guacio.
Porque Furnias el Grifo al aire lanzó por el pasado,
presente y el futuro llevas el nombre de la madre de Dios.

Desde el pico de Cerrote hasta Río Grande.
Desde el este, el oeste, norte
y sur por ser tres tus maravillas,
Dios te guarde bajo un dosel que corona un cielo azul.

Privilegio es de tus hijos ser nacidos
en un lugar tan colmado de ilusión
que un certero poeta una vez dijo
“Eres chiquito pero grande en corazón”.

las marias alcaldia
Las Marías City Hall

Orange Festival – March
Foundation of the Town – March
Paso Fino Festival – June
Matron Festivities – December

Places To Visit:
Barrietos Cavern
Fronteras Hacienda
Planell Hacienda
Rullán Hacienda
San Calisto Hacienda
San Carlos Plaza
Paco Gaztambide Sugar Mill Ruins

las marias plaza
San Carlos Plaza

Distinguished Citizens:
Mathias Bruckman – Leader of the Grito de Lares revolt
Tomás Manzano Hernández – Police Officer
José Luis (Luisito) Medina Caraballo – Historian
Benito Recio – Founder and first mayor
Domingo Silá Ortíz – Educator and writer

How to get to Las Marías from San Juan.

direction las marias


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