utuado embarcadero

Utuado, Puerto Rico

Utuado, Puerto Rico City of the Viví Utuado (oo-too-AH-do) is known as the “City of the Viví” and the town of “The Highlanders”. The municipality’s patron saint festival is held in late September in honor of San Miguel Arcángel. Other cultural festivals include the Otoao festival in December and the Angeles neighborhood festival in March. Utuado is located in the mountainous central part of the island. It is bordered to the north by the...

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orocovis matrullas

Orocovis, Puerto Rico

Orocovis, Puerto Rico Heart of Puerto Rico Orocovis (o-ro-KO-vis) is known as the “Heart of Puerto Rico” and the “geographic center of Puerto Rico” because it is located precisely in the center of the island. The patron saint is San Juan Bautista. Orocovis is bordered on the north by the municipalities of Ciales, Morovis and Corozal, on the south by Juana Díaz, Villalba and Coamo, on the east by the municipalities of Barranquitas and...

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naranjito lago

Naranjito, Puerto Rico

Naranjito, Puerto Rico The Town of Colors Naranjito (nah-rahn-HEE-to) is known as “The Town of Colors” and the “Blackbird Town.” The patron saint’s festival is dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel, and is held around September 29. The town also celebrates the 13th of June in honor of Saint Anthony of Padua. Naranjito is in the central eastern region of Puerto Rico. Naranjito is one of the municipalities in the northern hills region. It...

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maricao juanita

Maricao, Puerto Rico

Maricao, Puerto Rico Town of Indian Settlements Maricao (mah-ree-KOU) is known as the “town of the Indian villages”, the “town of the Monte del Estado”, the “town of legend and romance” and the “land of coffee”. The patron saint is Saint John the Baptist. Maricao is located in the west central region of Puerto Rico. The town is located in the central mountain range, in the region of the humid mountains of the West....

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las marias bienvenido

Las Marías, Puerto Rico

Las Marías, Puerto Rico Town Of The Sweet Orange Las Marías (lahs mah-REE-yahs) is known as the “pueblo de la china dulce” (Town of Sweet Oranges) and “ciudad de los cítricos” (Citrus Fruit City). The town is set in the western region of Puerto Rico. The town’s patron saint is the Immaculate Conception of Mary. The municipality’s economy is primarily agricultural. Its major crops are coffee and produce, such as plantains, bananas, and citrus...

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lares vendor

Lares, Puerto Rico

Lares, Puerto Rico The City Of The Revolt Lares (LAH-res) is known as the “the Town of The Grito”, “Capital of the Mountains” and the “Altar of the Fatherland”. Lares is known for growing coffee. Today, other agricultural products are also grown, including oranges, bananas and (hydroponic) tomatoes, as well as fruits such as plantains, and root vegetables such as yautia and ñame. Its economy is also based on manufacturing of leather products, clothing...

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jayuya museo

Jayuya, Puerto Rico

Jayuya, Puerto Rico Town of The Three Peaks It is known as the “Town of The Three Peaks”, “High Ground,” the “Town of the Tomato,” the “Town of the Three Peaks,” the “Indigenous Capital of Puerto Rico,” the “Overlook of Puerto Rico” and the “Artisan Mecca.” The autonomous municipality of Jayuya is located in the central region of Puerto Rico. It is bordered by Utuado and Ciales on the north, by Ponce, Juana Díaz...

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Comerío, Puerto Rico

Comerío, Puerto Rico The Pearl of The Plata Comerío (ko-me-REE-o) is known as “the Pearl of La Plata” and “the town of the guabaleros”, the latter referring to a kind of spider called guabá. It was first known as Sabana del Palmar because of the many royal palms that grew on a plantation called El Palmar, the site where the town was founded. The town patron is Holy Christ the Healer, honored in the...

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cidra lago

Cidra, Puerto Rico

Cidra, Puerto Rico City of the Eternal Spring Cidra (SEE-drah) is known as the “town of eternal spring” because of its cool temperatures. Their patron saint festivities in the name of Nuestra Señora del Carmen are celebrated during the month of July. This municipality, located in the east-central region of the island, borders the municipalities of Comerio and Aguas Buenas on the north and Cayey on the south, Aibonito lies to the west and...

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ciales yuyu

Ciales, Puerto Rico

Ciales, Puerto Rico The Cojoba City Ciales (see-AH-les) is known as the “cojoba town,” “the land of coffee,” and “the town of the brave. The patron saint is Our Lady of the Rosary. Recreational fishing may be practiced in El Guineo Lake, where there are sunfish and large mouth bass. Ciales is located on the northern side of the Central Mountain Range. It is bordered on the north by Arecibo, Florida and Manatí; on...

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Cayey, Puerto Rico

Cayey, Puerto Rico Mist City Cayey (kei-YAI) is known as the “Misty City,” the “City of Mount Torito,” and the “City of the Golden Coquí”. The patroness is Our Lady of the Assumption, whose festival is held in August. Located in the mountainous region of Puerto Rico, Cayey faces the south coast. It is bordered on the north by Cidra and Caguas, on the south by Salinas and Guayama, on the east by Caguas,...

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Casa Alcaldia

Caguas, Puerto Rico

Caguas, Puerto Rico City of the Turabo Caguas (KAH-gwahs) is known as the “City of the Turabo” because it is spread out along the Turabo River valley. The city is also known as “the criollo city” or “the heart of Boriquén”. The festivities are celebrated near December 24 in honor of the Sweet Name of Jesus. The municipality is located in the central eastern part of the island in the geographical subregion called the...

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barranquitas tienda

Barranquitas, Puerto Rico

Barranquitas, Puerto Rico Home of Notable Citizens Barranquitas (bahr-rahn-KEE-tahs) is known as “the birthplace of founding fathers,” “the birthplace of craft fairs,” “the altar of the Nation,” and “Luis Muñoz Rivera’s town.” The name of the town comes from the clayey ditches cut into the earth by running water, gullies that are called barrancas, the diminutive of which is barranquitas. The patron saint is Saint Anthony of Padua, whose feast is celebrated on June...

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arroyo lighthouse

Arroyo, Puerto Rico

Arroyo, Puerto Rico The Pleasing Town Arroyo (ah-RO-yo) is known as the “Pueblo ingrato” (The ungrateful town), el Pueblo grato (The pleasant town), and “Los bucaneros” (Buccaneers). Its patron is Virgin of Our Lady of Carmen. Arroyo is located on the south of the island. It borders with the municipality of Patillas on the north; the Caribbean Sea to the south; to the west with Guayama and to the east with the municipality of...

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Arecibo lighthouse

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Arecibo, Puerto Rico Captain Correa Villa Arecibo (ah-re-SEE-boh) is a municipality on the north coast of the island. It is known as the “Village of Captain Correa,” in honor of the heroic acts of Antonio de los Reyes Correa, who defended the village of Arecibo from the attack by the English in 1702. The Spanish colonel was awarded the Royal Effigy medal by the Spanish crown and was promoted to captain. Arecibo residents celebrate...

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aibonito flor

Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Aibonito, Puerto Rico City Of Flowers Aibonito (ei-bo-NEE-to) is known as “the garden of Puerto Rico” and the “city of flowers”. Aibonito is known for its poultry industry as well as its flowers and ornamental plants. The patron saint is Saint Joseph, although the patron saint’s festival is dedicated to St. James the Apostle, and held around July 25. Traditionally the festivities include low Mass, ringing of bells, fireworks, contests, lanterns and charanga music....

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Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico

Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico City Of Clear Waters Aguas Buenas is known as the “City of Clear Waters” and the “Oasis of Puerto Rico”. The patron saint festival, in honor of Our Lady of Monserrate, is held in early September. This municipality is located in the center of the island and is part of the region known as the eastern humid mountains. It is about 259 meters above sea level. It is bordered on...

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flores adjuntas

Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

Adjuntas, Puerto Rico City of the Sleeping Giant Adjuntas (ahd-HOON-tahs) is known as the “City of the Sleeping Giant”, the “Land of Lakes”, and the “Switzerland of the Americas”. The Cidra Festival takes place in Adjuntas each year in March. The patron saint festival is held around August 21, which is San Joaquín and Santa Ana Day. Adjuntas is part of the western region of the central mountain range, which gives it its mountainous...

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