canovanas alcaldia

Canóvanas, Puerto Rico

Canóvanas, Puerto Rico Valiant Town Fundación: Founded in 1910 by Luis Hernaíz Veronne, it wasn’t until 1970 that it officially became a municipality. The name Canóvanas (kah-NO-vah-nahs) is derived from the Taíno Chief, Canóbana, who ruled the margins of the Grande de Loíza river, then called Cairabón or Cayniabón. Miguel Diaz was given charge of Canóbana and apparently Canóbana did not participate in the uprising of the indigenous people. Canóvanas is known as the...

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carolina aeropuerto

Carolina, Puerto Rico

Carolina, Puerto Rico Land of Giants Foundation: Carolina (kah-ro-LEE-nah) was founded by Lorenzo Vizcarrondo under Governor and Commander in Chief Don Fernando de Costoñer, January 31, 1857. Its original name was Trujillo Bajo. It is known that Don Gaspar Martinez donated the land to establish the municipality, but requested that the city be named in honor of his daughter Carolina de San Juan. Carolina is also known as “Tierra De Gigantes” (Land Of Giants),...

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ceiba arbol

Ceiba, Puerto Rico

Ceiba, Puerto Rico Soup Eaters Foundation: Luis de la Cruz founded Ceiba (sai-EE-bah) on April 7, 1838. The name derives from the Taíno word “seyba”, a native tree of Puerto Rico “ceiba pentandra”. It is admired because of its powerful architectural grayish trunk, which has thorns. Its roots can extend for miles. There was the belief that at some time there was a forest of these trees and for that reason the town was...

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culebra carey

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra, Puerto Rico Little Island Foundation: Culebra (koo-LAI-brah) was founded October 27, 1880 by Cayetano Escudero. The original names were “Passage Island” and “Island of San Idelfonso” in honor to bishop San ldefonso de la Culebra. Cayetano Escudero was the first delegate of Culebra designated by a governmental order from de Island of Vieques August 2, 1881. The capital is Dewey, where most of the 1,868 inhabitants of the archipelago live. The municipality of...

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fajardo marina

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Fajardo, Puerto Rico The Hard Faces Foundation: Governor Bravo de Rivera founded the town in 1760. In 1772 it was named Santiago de Fajardo (fah-HAHR-do), it’s believed that Don Guozo Calderón was the founding governor of the town of Fajardo. The town of Fajardo had benefited much from the Power Law, by which several ports were opened to commerce, among them the Port of Fajardo. In 1817 apparently three Venezuelan boats attacked the population,...

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Gurabo, Puerto Rico

Gurabo, Puerto Rico Town of Stairways Foundation: Before Gurabo (goo-RAH-bo) was declared an independent municipality it was Burabo, a district of Caguas. This district was distant from Caguas, which caused transportation problems during the eighteenth century. Caguas could not take care of the problems of their neighbors in this district. In 1812 the residents of Gurabo decided to take action on this matter. The 168 heads of family who lived in the district met...

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Humacao, Puerto Rico

Humacao, Puerto Rico Pearl of The Oriente Foundation: At the moment of the conquest and colonization of Puerto Rico, this territory was governed by the Taíno Chief Jumacao. The name Humacao (oo-mah-KOU) derives from this chief, whose territory was along the Honónimo River, at a short distance from the ocean. Chief Jumacao was the first Taíno Chief to learn how to read and write. This fact was corroborated when he wrote a letter to...

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juncos alcaldia

Juncos, Puerto Rico

Juncos, Puerto Rico Valenciano City Foundation: In 1782 the inhabitants of the Juncos (HOON-kos) area requested of the secular and ecclesiastical courts the transfer of the Parochial Church that was located in Las Piedras to the Juncos area. They asked to be allowed to organize a new town separate from Humacao. The request for the formation of the new town of Juncos was accepted by the government and on August 3, 1792 the temporary...

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las piedras

Las Piedras, Puerto Rico

Las Piedras, Puerto Rico Artesian City Foundation: The municipality of Las Piedras (lahs pee-AI-drahs) was founded in 1801. The original population of Las Piedras was based on a hill along the shores of the Humacao River, during that time the area was covered by great boulders, the reason why it was baptized Ribera de Las Piedras (Stones/Boulder Shore). It was part of a ranch called “Hato Grande de los Delgados”, granted in 1626 by...

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loiza vejigantes

Loíza, Puerto Rico

Loíza, Puerto Rico Capital of Tradition Foundation: In 1692 Loíza (loo-EE-zah) was appointed as an urban party because it had enough population, approximately 100 houses and 1,146 inhabitants. But it was not until the year 1719 the Spanish government recognized its existence by declaring it a town. Its founder was Gaspar de Arredondo. It was reconstituted again as a municipality August 16, 1970. The legend is that the name Loíza was that of a...

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luquillo playa

Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Luquillo, Puerto Rico Sun Capital Foundation: Luquillo (loo-KEE-yo) was founded in 1797. Spaniards who left the Hato de Caparra entered thru the mountain range arriving at the shores of a river of fresh and crystal clear water where they settled. Later the Spanish leader of the expedition, don Cristóbal Guzmán, built a village and a chapel under the patronage of San Juan Obrero. Perhaps the name of this municipality refers, as some suggest, to...

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maunabo faro

Maunabo, Puerto Rico

Maunabo, Puerto Rico The Calm City Foundation: Maunabo (mou-NAH-bo) was founded in 1779, according to historian Cayetano Coll y Toste. The origin of its name is related to Chief Manatuabón (although there are discrepancies about the existence of this chief) and the Manatuabón River, many times mistaken for the Grande de Manatí River. Maunabo’s first settlers were from neighboring Guayama that, once the Caribe Indians and the pirates disappeared, the settlement of this coastal...

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naguabo plaza

Naguabo, Puerto Rico

Naguabo, Puerto Rico Birthplace of Great Artists Foundation: Naguabo (nah-GWAH-bo) was founded July 15, 1821 near the mouth of the Daguao river with the intention to defend the area from the Caribe Indians. In 1794 at the request of several influential neighbors of the Spanish Crown, the foundation of Naguabo begins, in a sector known as Pueblo Viejo. On January 9, 1798 the erection of the Naguabo parish was authorized. In 1841 the construction...

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patillas charco azul

Patillas, Puerto Rico

Patillas, Puerto Rico Emerald of the South Foundation: The town of Patillas (pah-TEE-yahs) was founded in 1811. Doña Adelina Cintrón, donated eight acres of land to unite the settlers and to construct the basic municipal works: church, mayorship, priest’s house, plaza and slaughter house. The fundamental reason for the foundation of the town was the establishment of sugar cane mills in the valley, which brought as a consequence the need for more land to...

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riogrande yunque

Río Grande, Puerto Rico

Río Grande, Puerto Rico El Yunque City Foundation: Río Grande (REE-o GRAHN-de) was founded by don Desiderio Escobar y Quilimaco Escobar, who were empowered by most of the neighbors of this region so that in their names they would ask authorization to populate. The governor Miguel López de Baños acceded and it was founded July 26, 1840. At the time the municipality was made up of the following wards: Ciénaga Alta, Ciénaga Baja, Jiménez,...

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sanlorenzo chayanne

San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico

San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico The Town of the Samaritans Foundation: San Lorenzo (san lo-REN-zo) was founded by don Valeriano Muńoz de Oneca. The exact date is not certain because the parochial archives of this municipality were lost in a fire and no copies were available. Coll y Toste believes that it was in 1811 and other investigators such as Generoso Muńoz Morales indicates that it was founded between March of 1813 and April of...

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trujilloalto represa

Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico Laid Back Town Foundation: During the XVII century the Spanish Crown granted Alonso Pizarro Hermona de Francisco Pizarro, native of the population of Trujillo, in Spain, an ample cattle ranch that extended on both shores of the Grande de Loíza river. The population used his place of birth, as this was the custom at that time, to name the municipality. The neighbors of the wards that today compose the jurisdiction...

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vieques sunbay

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques, Puerto Rico Baby Island Foundation: Vieques (vee-AI-kais), was discovered by Christopher Columbus in his second voyage. SInce 1938 according to a law formulated by the legislature, recognizes November 19th as the day of the discovery for both the “Baby Island” and the “Big Island”. A controversy between some historians exists who believe that Vieques was discovered 3 days (16th) before the Island of Puerto Rico, but it is officially celebrated the 19th as...

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Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

Yabucoa, Puerto Rico City of Sugar Foundation: It is believed that the foundation of Yabucoa (yah-boo-KO-ah), took place October 3, 1793, being governor Commander Francisco Torralbo. The lands in which the church, the House of the King, the priest’s house, and the one destined to common land and plaza, 25 acres altogether, were donated by Manuel Colón and his wife Catalina Morales Pacheco. A year after the foundation of the town the construction of...

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