Gran Parque del Norte

Gran Parque del Norte “Great North Park”

Hatillo, Puerto Rico - Gran Parque del Norte “Great North Park” located on Highway 119 on the border between Hatillo and Camuy, is an area of more than 18 acres of outdoor land with a variety of recreational and tourist spaces for the enjoyment of all. If you are looking for an experience in which you can enjoy the beauty of the coastal landscape and at the same time recreational places for adults and children, Parque del Norte is undoubtedly the best alternative. This park is the perfect midpoint of northern island of Puerto Rico, as it has a variety of recreational and tourist spaces for...

La Sardinera Beach

La Sardinera Beach

Hatillo, Puerto Rico - La Sardinera Beach located in the town of Hatillo is steps away from the highway #2 in the Carrizales neighborhood sector. It is a beach of crystalline waters in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which has a wall of rocks that separate the shore from the open sea serving as breakwaters and preventing the strong waves from entering. This barrier creates a perfect space for the whole family to enjoy safely its natural pool and its crystal clear waters. Its peculiar sand is covered with small smooth stones similar to rivers. It has no sanitary or recreational facilities. Parking is beachfront,...

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