Ventana Beach

Ventana Beach

Guayanilla, Puerto Rico - Ventana Beach “Window Beach” is located in the south of the island of Puerto Rico in the Boca neighborhood of the municipality of Guayanilla between Cerro Toro and Punta Ventana. This beach is known as Ventana beach “window beach” because in the middle of the rock raised above the sea, there was a hole that gave the sensation of looking at the sea through a window. Ventana Beach is one of the many natural window-shaped arches that were carved out by sea water striking against rocky outcrops for eons. This iconic natural beauty of Puerto Rico collapsed when a 5.79 magnitude...

Playa Tamarindo en Guánica

Tamarindo Beach in Guánica

Guánica, Puerto Rico - Tamarindo Beach belongs territorially to the town of Guayanilla however access is through the town of Guánica at the end of the road # 333 in the Dry Forest of Guánica. This beach is part of the Guánica dry forest and is currently a refuge and the only place on the island where concho toad is being procreated. This beach is one of the best points to appreciate the forest ecosystem. The beach has an extensive coast, the water is crystal clear and the sand is white, we recommend being cautious when swimming, since the beach faces the open sea. Tamarindo Beach...

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