Playa Río Grande

Río Grande Beach

Aguada, Puerto Rico - Río Grande Beach is a beautiful secret beach located west of the island of Puerto Rico in the town of Aguada right next to a residential area. This crystal clear beach, full of shells and sea glass with beautiful views, is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, boating and enjoying family time. Río Grande Beach is a large sandy beach, which you can practice all kinds of activities and water sports such as paddle surfing and boogie boarding, among others. You can surf on long boards and even on short boards when the waves are right. With the right wind you will see the crystal...

Balneario Pico de Piedra

Pico de Piedra Beach

Aguada, Puerto Rico - Pico de Piedra Beach is a beautiful beach located on the western coast of Puerto Rico in the town of Aguada. From it you will enjoy an excellent view of the Desecheo Island and you will find the mouth of the Guayabo River that opens towards the ocean. On the right side of the beach you will find a great place to dive. They also have very colorful benches to rest. On the left side, you will find a river that opens to the ocean. In addition to the facilities on the beach such as bathrooms, showers, and kiosks, it has a large...

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