Playa Palmas del Mar

Palmas del Mar Beach

Humacao, Puerto Rico - Palmas de Mar Beach is located within the facilities of Palmas del Mar in Humacao. To enter, you have to inform the security of the complex that you are going to the beach and they will let you pass without any problem, they will also inform you where to park. At the moment parking is free. At first, it seems that instead of going to the beach, you’re going to a rainforest. But suddenly you will see that the path opens, and you will see a perfect crescent of white sand, with hundreds of palm trees growing pointing towards the sea. The beach...

Balneario Punta Santiago

Punta Santiago Beach

Humacao, Puerto Rico - Punta Santiago Beach is located on Highway #3 Km. 72.4 in the town of Humacao. The beach has a wide coastline covered with palm trees that makes it unique, for its black and white sands; White comes from coral washing, and black is volcanic matter. While the waters that reach land are aquamarine, making the color wheel of Punta Santiago Beach something worth contemplating. Punta Santiago is an incredible stretch of beach located near Humacao. It is here, where the mountains meet the sea in an incredible stretch of coastline with many natural wonders that can be found. If you travel to Puerto...

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