Playa Alambique

Alambique Beach

Carolina, Puerto Rico - Alambique Beach is the first beach located east of the neighboring city of San Juan. Because of its excellent location near the airport and the hotels in the Isla Verde area, this beach is a favorite among tourists and locals because of the restaurants that can be found near it. Its waters are crystal clear and quieter than those of Ocean Park and Condado Beach. With miles to go, this beach is not only divine for sunbathing or swimming, it is also an excellent place to exercise. The beach is considered one of the most popular for families who want to enjoy...

Playa de Isla Verde

Isla Verde Beach

Carolina, Puerto Rico - Isla Verde Beach is one of the most frequented beaches in Puerto Rico for being located in the tourist area of Isla Verde in Carolina. Surrounded by hotels and good restaurants, it has become a favorite of many. It is a vast coastline of fine white sand and crystal clear water and little waves. The coastal coastline that extends for a mile long...

Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach

Carolina, Puerto Rico - Carolina Beach known as the Balneario de Carolina, holds for the tenth consecutive year the world-recognized Blue Flag award. With a beautiful carpet of white sand at your feet and warm waters make it the ideal place to enjoy and achieve the perfect tan. Many event organizers use the Balneario de Carolina to celebrate weddings and activities of national and international nature. ...

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