Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

Land of Champions

santa isabelFoundation: Santa Isabel (SAHN-tah ee-sah-BEL), was founded October 5, 1842. On May 22, 1840 Antonio Vélez in name of the neighbors asked governor Santiago Méndez Vigo authorization to found a separated town from Coamo. This was justified, as usual, by the distance from the municipal head in Coamo and by the difficulties of the numerous passages of the river and the conditions of the roads. The necesary arrangements were made and on October 5, 1842 the separation took place and the municiplity of Santa Isabel was constituted. The town was placed under the patronage of Santa Isabel de Hungría. The municipal buildings progressed slowly, and in 1850 mass was celebrated in the home of the Colón family because the church had not been concluded.

mapa santaisabelLocation: It is located in the southern coast. It borders north with Coamo, south with the Caribbean Sea, west with Juana Díaz, and east with Salinas.
Area: 88.9 sq km / 34.2 sq mi
Population: 21,665 (census 2000)
Population Density: 243.7 per sq km / 633.4 per sq mi
People are known as: Santaisabelinos
Santa Isabel is also known as:
Tierra de Campeones (Land of Champions)
La Ciudad de los Potros (The City of the Colts)

Wards: Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico
barrios santaisabel

Census 2000:
Population by Wards – Santa Isabel
Boca Velázquez 2,279
Descalabrado 3,918
Felicia 1 362
Felicia 2 1,889
Jauca 1 2,538
Jauca 2 3,504
Playa 840
Santa Isabel Town 6,335
Total 21,665

Source: Censo 2000

Santiago Apóstol
Santiago Apóstol Parish
Apartado 137
Santa Isabel, P.R. 00757
(787) 845-2450
santaisabel iglesia
Santiago Apóstol Parish

Topography: Located in the Coastal Plain of the South, its topography is level. Its highest elevation is the Cuevas Hill with 300 meters of altitude above sea level.
Hydrography: It is watered by the Jueyes, Cayures, Coamo, Descalabrado rivers and the Coamo dam with an area of 158 square kilometers.
Economy: Manufacture; clothing, electrical and electronic machinery, metal products and nutritional products and agriculture; vegetables and tropical fruits.
Average Salary: $263.32 weekly (1998)

santaisabel banderaFlag: The flag of Santa Isabel is described as follows: Flag of the usual proportions, divided horizontally in three stripes of same the width: white the superior one, yellow the central one and red the inferior one, may be ornamented with sugar cane stems or without them.

santaisabel escudoCoat Of Arms: The enamels or colors of the shield and the figures, allude to the name of the town at the time of its foundation, its Patron Saint and the supreme authorities, under which government the Municipality of Santa Isabel was founded. Santa Isabel is symbolized by the latin “I” and its crown of medieval type. The red and silver colors, that are the old colors of Hungary, represent the purity and charity; virtues that shone more in the infuriate princess, Duchess of Turingia, by their marriage and example of sovereign.

The Apostle Santiago is symbolized by scallop shells, also denominated in heraldic with the Christian names of shells of Santiago or shells of Pilgrims, because they were emblem of romeos, peregrinations and sanctuaries in the Middle Age. In Spain, they got to identify themselves as much as with the famous peregrinations to Compostela, that became standard of this Apostle.

The shells recall, in addition, that the territory of Santa Isabel is rich in archaeological deposits of the Taíno Indians, pre-columbian inhabitants of Puerto Rico. These deposits, generally, are denominated “concheros”, due to the abundance of shells and snails. In addition, it recalls that the sea that bathes the coast of Santa Isabel, these shells were collected in abundance. The colors red and gold of the shield and the crown, represent the Spanish origins of the founders of Santa Isabel, and that the town depended on Villa of San Blas de Coamo, whose Coat of Arms has as dominant colors gold and red. The crown is standard of the towns and municipalities. The sugar cane stems that surround the shield, allude to the main agricultural product of Santa Isabel and to elements characteristic of its landscape.

Santa Isabel Public Schools

Name Level Telephone Address
ANA L. ROSA TRICOCHE Elementary (787) 845-2291 PO Box 847
ANA VALLDEJULY (JAUCA) Elementary (787) 845-6147 PO Box 1440
APOLONIA VALENTÍN Elementary (787) 845-5337 PO Box 753
EMILIO CASAS (PEÑUELAS) Elementary (787) 845-5577 PO Box 1440
ESTHER RIVERA Elementary (787) 845-5901 PO Box 847
FELICITA OLIVIERI SANTINI (OLLAS) Elementary (787) 845-4494 PO Box 847
JOHN F. KENNEDY Elementary (787) 845-2560 PO Box 1090
MARTIN G. BRUMBAUGH Elementary (787) 845-3315 PO Box 847
PLAYA Elementary (787) 845-2241 PO Box 847
MANUEL MARTÍN MONSERRATE Intermediate (787) 845-3160 PO Box 847
PLAYITA CORTADA Secondary (787) 845-3565 PO Box 847
ELVIRA M. COLÓN High School (787) 845-2751 PO Box 847

Hymn: By Víctor R. Blanco Santiago

En un pedazo del sur estás presente
Pueblo Cielo, Pueblo Tierra, Pueblo Mar.
Santa Isabel tú te elevas digno de gracias
que celebran los que te aman al cantar.
Pueblo Cielo, Pueblo Tierra, Pueblo Mar.

Nuestra gente dulce y maravillosa
se bautiza con las olas de tu encanto.
Eres mi pueblo rico en tierra, fabulosas
eres mi pueblo tierno en gentes de agradar.
Pueblo Cielo, Pueblo Tierra, Pueblo Mar.

Son virtuosos y el Señor está en las mentes
y los niños regocijan el valor
de este nido tan hermoso, tan querido,
que nos brinda el noble arte del amor.
Pueblo Cielo, Pueblo Tierra, Pueblo Mar.

No te puedo jamás, nunca, olvidar
mi corazón se llena de ternura
cuando siento sutil toque en mi existir.
Tomas todo lo de vida en mi fortuna
eres parte de mi vida y soy feliz.
Pueblo Cielo, Pueblo Tierra, Pueblo Mar.

Mango Festival – May
Crab Carnival – June
Patron Celebrations – July
Cemí Carnival – October
Turkey Festival – November

Places To Visit:
Aguirre Forest
El Malecón (boardwalk)
Indian Museum
Jauca Beach
Hacienda Alomar Ruins

How to get to Santa Isabel from San Juan.

direction santaisabel


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