Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

City of the Sleeping Giant

adjuntas, puerto ricoFoundation: Adjuntas (ahd-HOON-tahs ) was founded August 11, 1815, by Don Diego Maldonado. The name Adjuntas (literally: adjunct, joined) is derived from “joined land” because it was part of the Villa of San Blás de Illescas territory, today known as Coamo. Since the early years of the XIX century, a conglomerate of twenty families existed in this valley; a place known as “Calle de Canas”. Don Diego Maldonado directed the first parish of this town. In 1831, four wards comprised the territory of Adjuntas. Today it has fifteen wards. In 1914 the San Joaquin Parish was erected next to the Town Hall. A new parish was constructed in front of the present plaza in 1968,

mapa adjuntasLocation: Adjuntas is located in the western region of the Central Mountain Range (Cordillera Central). Bordering it are: Lares and Utuado to the north; Yauco, Guayanilla and Peñuelas to the south; Utuado and Ponce to the east; and Lares and Yauco to the west.

Area: 172 sq km / 66.5 sq mi
Population: 19,143 (census 2000)
Population Density: 111.2 per sq km / 287.8 per sq mi
People are known as: Adjunteños
Adjuntas is also known as:
La Ciudad del Gigante Dormido
La Suiza de Puerto Rico
La Tierra de Lagos

Wards: Ajuntas, Puerto Rico
barrios adjuntas
Censo 2000:
Population by Wards – Adjuntas
Adjuntas Pueblo4,980
Guayabo Dulce101
Juan González736
Vegas Abajo518
Vegas Arriba1,131

Source: Censo:2000

San Joaquín y Santa Ana
Parroquia San Joaquín (
Calle Rius Rivera # 14
Adjuntas, Puerto Rico 00601
Teléfono (787) 829-3145
Párroco – Rvdo. Pbro. Carlos G. Santiago Mercado, O.R.C.
Vicario – Rvdo. Pbro. Filiberto C. Hernández, O.R. C.
adjuntas iglesia
Parroquia San Joaquín

Topography: Adjuntas has one of highest mountains of Puerto Rico; Cerro Guilarte which is the seventh in height in Puerto Rico with 3,953 feet. The territory is mostly mountainous.
Hydrography: Adjuntas has the following rivers: Río Grande de Arecibo, Tanamá, Limaní, Vacas, Pellejas, Río Cidra and the Adjuntas, Pellejas, Garzas, Yahuecas & Guayo lakes.
Climate: Annual precipitation is around 87 inches and its average temperature is 72°F.
Economy: Agriculture (coffee, oranges, bananas & cattle), tourism & manufacturing.
Average Salary: $215.96 weekly (1998)

bnadera adjuntasFlag: The flag derives its symbolism and part of its design from the Coat of Arms. A white band divides it diagonally into two irregular triangles: purple the superior one and green the inferior one.

adjustas escudoCoat Of Arms: The bishop’s crozier is an attribute of the Old Testament Patriarchs, and in Adjuntas’ shield it represents the Patriarch Saint Joaquin, father of the Holy Virgin Mary and patron saint of the city. The spinning wheel refers to the house chores and symbolizes Santa Ana, mother of the Holy Virgin Mary and co-matron saint of the city.

The star stands for Our Lady, who was God’s gift to the couple. The bells and crosses refer to the city name, Adjuntas, derived from the fact that both were adjunct or joined in its civil character to the Bishopric and Municipality of Coamo.

The crosses are taken from Coamo’s Coat of Arms (which also presents bells, though as part of a belfry) and have their origin in the coat-of-arms of the village and the Illescas lineage, a name historically related to the ancient Villa of San Blás de Illescas. The coffee boughs refer to the fact that Adjuntas lies in the coffee zone of Puerto Rico. The crown, distinctive of four-towered shields, means that in Spanish times it obtained from the Crown (Spanish Royalty) the privileged title of “Village”.

Public Schools sorted by educational levels.
Listing Date: 08/07/2003
Ponce Region
School District: Adjuntas

Nombre Grado Teléfono Dirección
Nivel Elemental
ÁNGEL MALDONADO BULA K-6 (787) 829-0834 PO Box 1029, P.R. 00601-0000
AQUILINO RIVERA OLAN K-4 (787) 829-2682 PO Box 1029, P.R. 00601-0000
DOMINGO MASSOL K-6 (787) 829-2494 PO Box 1029, P.R. 00601-0000
DOMINGO PIETRI RUÍZ K-3 (787) 829-3510 PO Box 1029, P.R. 00601-1029
K-6 (787) 829-1953 PO Box 1029, P.R. 00601-0000
JOSÉ PILAR GONZÁLEZ 1-6 (787) 829-0836 PO Box 3012, P.R. 00601-9701
JUAN GARRASTEGUI K-3 (787) 829-3036 PO Box 1021, P.R. 00601-0000
MANUEL F. SÁNCHEZ K-6 (787) 829-1961 PO Box 1029, P.R. 00601-0000
TELESFORO VÉLEZ OLIVER K-6 (787) 829-1907 PO Box 1029, P.R. 00601-0000
WASHINGTON IRVING 4-6 (787) 829-8810 PO Box 1029, P.R. 00601-0000
  Nivel Intermedia
7-9 (787) 829-3890 Rodulfo González final,
P.R. 00601-0000
JOSÉ B. BARCELÓ OLIVER ADULTS (787) 829-5379 PO Box 983, P.R. 00601-0000
Nivel Intermedia
SU HÉCTOR I. RIVERA 4-9 (787) 829-3030 PO Box 1029, P.R. 00601-0000
Nivel Secundario
JOSÉ EMILIO LUGO 10-12 (787) 829-0408 PO Box 1029, P.R. 00601-0000

Hymn: By José A. Nieves Torres

Oh divina inspiración
Oh divina inspiración
Oh divina inspiración
con patrio orgullo
te dedico mi canción
eres mi cuna.

Adjuntas es mi amor.
Bendito seas sagrado suelo
bendito seas nido de amor,
en tus entrañas,
guardas anhelo, de extraño suelo.

Adjuntas eres mi amor.
En tus mujeres florece la dulzura
y la ternura de madre angelical;
Flores de otoño, jazmines y claveles;
de todo el año amor primaveral.

Tu fieles hijos, hombres vehementes.
Hombres valientes de corazón
Que tus entrañas brotó contigo.
Por darte orgullo y bella inspiración
bendito seas sagrado suelo
bendito seas nido de amor.

Rizadas joya de verde aliento,
y mil recuerdos…
Adjuntas eres mi amor.


How to get to Adjuntas from San Juan.

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