Camuy, Puerto Rico

Camuy, Puerto Rico

Romantic City

camuy piedra
Stone Church in Abra Honda

Foundation: Camuy (kahm-WEE) was founded in the year 1807 by Petrolina Matos. It was officially separated from Quebradillas in 1894. Three legends support the origin of the name: the first says that there was a Taino chief by the name of “Yumac” but with the passing of time the name was spelled backwards calling the region “Camuy”; the second refers to the Taino word “canuy,” which means beautiful scenery, and later changed to “Camuy”; the last relates to the Coat of Arms of Camuy, which states that the Taino word means “sun”.

In its beginnings Camuy was integrated into the Party of San Antonio de la Tuna. The “parties” were great extensions of land that divided Puerto Rico. This region today is known as Isabela. At the time the party covered the area between Aguadilla and Arecibo, what is known today as the municipalities of Camuy, Hatillo, Quebradillas, Isabela, Utuado, and San Sebastián.

mapa camuyLocation: Located on the northern coast, it is bordered by: the Atlantic Ocean on the north, Lares on the south, San Sebastián and Quebradillas on the west, and Hatillo on the east.

Area: 119 sq km / 46 sq. mi.
Population: 35,244 (census 2000)
Population Density: 296.1 per sq km / 766.1 per sq mi
People are known as: Camuyanos
Camuy is also known as:
Ciudad Romántica (Romantic City)
Ciudad de los Areneros (City of the Areneros)
Ciudad del Sol Taíno (City of the Taíno Sun)

Wards: Camuy, Puerto Rico
barrios camuy
Census 2000:
Population by Wards – Camuy
Abra Honda 2,169
Camuy Pueblo 1,261
Camuy Arriba 3,134
Cibao 1,314
Ciénagas 1,634
Membrillo 3,415
Piedra Gorda 1,722
Puente 8,963
Puertos 1,545
Quebrada 3,952
Santiago 490
Yeguada 2,565
Zanja 3,080
Total 35,244

Información: Negociado del Censo de los EE.UU. Censo 2000

San José
San José Parish
P.O. Box 414
Camuy, P.R. 00627-0414
Tel. (787) 898-3620
Mass Schedule
Daily: 6:15am & 7:00pm
Saturday: 7:00pm
Sunday: 6:30am, 9:00am, 10:00am & 7:00pm
Parroquia San José
San José Parish

Topography: It belongs to the zone designated as the plateau of the northwest where the terrain is level and known as the Valley of Quebradillas. Towards the interior of the municipality the topography becomes very irregular near Cibao. This strip of land, a zone of wooded hills and depressions, divides Camuy completely into two strips, north and south. The northern strip is known as Lomas de los Puertos.

Hydrography: The Camuy River forms part of the hydrographic system with a length of 24 miles, which at one point becomes a narrow canyon that forms one of the most beautiful cave systems of the world, Rio Camuy Caverns. The Cibao River is also part of the system.

Economy: Agriculture (sugarcane and cattle) and tourism.

Average Salary: $240.00 weekly (1998)

camuy bannerFlag: The flag is green like the Coat of Arms. A white undulating band runs horizontally across and is interrupted in the middle by the figure of the Camuy sun, in this case represented by the colors yellow and black.

camuy escudoCoat Of Arms: The Taíno sun proclaims the name of the population, Camuy, a word that in the spoken language of the Taíno of Puerto Rico means “sun”. The silver-waving stripe symbolizes the Camuy River. The three tower crown distinguishes Camuy as a municipality.

Public Schools Sorted by Educational Levels.
Updated: 08/07/2003
Arecibo Region
Camuy District

Name Level Telephone Address
Nivel Elemental
AMALIA LÓPEZ DE ÁVILA (NUEVA) PK-6 (787) 898-4830 PO Box 159, P.R. 00627-0000
JOSÉ D HERNÁNDEZ K-6 (787) 898-0990 PO Box 811, P.R. 00627-0000
JOSÉ M HERNÁNDEZ K-6 L (787) 898-7373 PO Box 159, P.R. 00627-0000
JULIÁN BLANCO K-6 (787) 820-4277 PO Box 996, P.R. 00627-0000
LAURENTINO ESTRELLA COLON K-6 (787) 898-3745 PO Box 568, P.R. 00627-0000
PEDRO AMADOR K-6 (787) 898-1337 PO Box 926, P.R. 00627-0000
RALPH W EMERSON K-6 (787) 898-2037 PO Box 831, P.R. 00627-0000

Nivel Intermedia
PABLO ÁVILA GONZÁLEZ 7-9 (787) 898-3770 PO Box 328, P.R. 00627-0000

Nivel Segunda Unidad
ANTONIO REYES K-9 (787) 820-1472 PO Box 385, P.R. 00627-0000
SU JOAQUÍN VÁZQUEZ CRUZ K-9 (787) 820-2909 APDO. 1029, P.R. 00627-0000
SU ROMÁN BALDORIOTY DE CASTRO K-9 (787) 262-8771 PO Box 398, P.R. 00627-0398
SU SANTIAGO R PALMER K-9 (787) 898-7976 HC 4 BOX 17413, P.R. 00627-0000
Nivel Superior
LUIS F CRESPO 10-12 (787) 262-8421 PO Box 569, P.R. 00627-0000
SUPERIOR SANTIAGO R PALMER 10-12 (787) 898-9299 PO Box 158, P.R. 00627-0000
VOCACIONAL AGRÍCOLA SOLLER 10-12 (787) 898-6549 PO Box 4000 SUITE 74, P.R. 00627-0000


“Pedazo de Borinquen”
Por Ramón Jovito Barreto

Canto a este pueblo donde he nacido,
de verdes montes y de azul mar,
de un río travieso
que está escondido
pero que brota cual manantial

¡Camuy mi pueblo,
Camuy mi campo,
pedazo bello de Borinquen
el sol taíno te da su encanto,
yo no te cambio eres mi edén!

Hoy de tu historia yo siento orgullo
del Grito fuiste mecha inicial.
Por la Estrellada te han conocido
por Las Cavernas por tu central.

¡Camuy mi pueblo,
Camuy mi campo,
pedazo bello de Borinquén,
el sol taíno te da su encanto,
yo no te cambio eres mi edén!


Three Kings Reyes Celebration – January
Camuy Carnival – February
Patron Festivities San José – May
Peña Brusi Festival – July
Cultural Fair – September

camuy cueva clara
Cueva Clara

Places To Visit:
Rio Camuy Caverns
Hacienda Morell
Lake Guajataca
Peñon Brussi Beach

Distinguished citizens:
Adolfo Jiménez Hernández – Teacher and poet, Assistant Superintendent and university professor in PR and EU
Amalia Arroyo Quijano – Writer and poet
Arsiclo Rosa Salas – Artisan, whose greatest work The Calvary is in the Sanctuary La Milagrosa in the Barrio Piedra Gorda
Florencio Cabán Hernández – Artisan, troubadour and musician, who began the celebration of the wake of the Three Wise Men
Germán Rosario Rivera – Composer, musician and troubadour, better known as “the Yumac jíbaro”, creator of a new type of six, the six of Yumac
José A. Sierra Martínez – Professor and writer, who wrote the first story of the town of Camuy
José D. Hernández – Master, civic leader and administrator of the Camuy Health Center);
José Joaquín Rivera Firpi – Teacher, Assistant Superintendent, Secretary General of Teachers Association, President of Teacher Retirement Board
José Manuel Lacomba Nolla – Composer and musician, first Puerto Rican who performed on the US television networks NBC and CBS
Manuel Acevedo Rosario -Agricultor, merchant and politician, representative to the Chamber in 1948
Manuel Portalatín Santiago – Master, military, merchant, founder of the Rotary Club of Camuy, founding partner of the missing Casino de Camuy and the Country Club, a member of the civil air patrol


How to get to Camuy from San Juan.

direction camuy


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