Cidra, Puerto Rico

Cidra, Puerto Rico

City of the Eternal Spring

cidra lagoFoundation: Cidra (SEE-drah) was a district of Cayey until 1809, the year in which the inhabitants obtained the foundation of the municipality. It is not known with certainty who was the person who donated land, but there is data that indicates that an old proprietor of the locality yielded the land without demanding payment. In the Mayorship there are no official documents on the matter because they were destroyed during hurricane San Ciriaco. Nevertheless it is thought that Mrs. Viviana Vázquez donated the land. Cidra has 36.3 miles square and is located in the humid mountains of the east. Its population is of approximately 42,753 inhabitants. The word “cidra” does not have Indo-Antillean roots. Its origin is Latin and it is derived from the denomination “citrus” by which the lemon fruit is named. The “cidra” is a variety of this fruit.

cidra paloma
Paloma Sabanera

No data exists that can explain the origin of the town’s name. There is the legend that the name was derived from the cultivation of “cidra” trees in what is known as the town today. The town of Cidra is known as the Town Of The Eternal Spring, because of its fresh temperatures and its water. It is also known as the Town of the Savannah Dove (Columba inornata wetmorei), the only dove in the Island that has blue eyes and that nests in the Cidra area.

mapa cidraLocation: The town of Cidra is located in the center-eastern region of the island. It is bordered by: Comerío and Aguas Buenas on the north, Cayey on the south, Aibonito on the west, and Caguas on the east.
Area: 94.0 sq km / 36.1 sq mi
Population: 42,753 (census 2000)
Population Density: /span> 454.8 per sq km / 1,184.2 per sq mi
People are known as Cidreños
Cidra is also known as:
El Pueblo de la Eterna Primavera (Town Of The Eternal Spring)
El Pueblo de la Paloma Sabanera (Town Of The Savannah Dove)

Wards: Cidra, Puerto Rico
barrios cidra
Census 2000:
Population by Wards – Cidra
Arenas 6,239
Bayamón 10,730
Beatriz 3,168
Ceiba 3,825
Cidra Pueblo 1,382
Honduras 1,738
Monte Llano 956
Rabanal 4,277
Rincón 4,286
Río Abajo 1,214
Salto 36
Sud 3,906
Toíta 996
Total 42,753

Source: Censo 2000

Nuestra Señora del Carmen
Nuestra Señora del Carmen Parish
Apartado 359
Cidra, P.R. 00739
(787) 739-2406
Foundation: 1895

cidra iglesia

Topography: The terrian is between 200 and 700 meters (656 and 2,296 feet). The greater elevations appear in the districts Rabanal and Honduras. In Rabanal the Almirante y Viento Caliente hills are found (2,198 feet) and in Honduras the Plana y Gordo (2,165 feet) hills.The most level part is near the Cidra Dam.
Hydrography: EThe Plata river with its affluents: the Arroyata river, the Bayamón river and the Caña Bocana & Galindo ravines. Also the Cidra Lake, 3 sq km in diameter, which makes it the smallest of the island.
Climate: The annual average temperatura is 81.2º fahrenheit and the annual average rain is 63.38 inches.
Economy: Manufacturing (pharmaceuticals and apparel) and agriculture (citrics).
Salario promedio: $285.56 semanal (1998)

cidra banderaFlag: Under the Order No. 8, 1975-76 Series, the Municipal Assembly approved the project including the flag, Coat Of Arms and seal of the Municipality of Cidra on September 25, 1975. Professor J.J. Santa-Pinter’s professional services in heraldics were obtained through the Cultural Center. The flag is of regulation dimensions (3’x5′) [91.4 cm x 152 cm]. The Municipal Seal shines on the flag uniting all three stripes, and the whole is ended with yellow fringes. Each color has its own symbolism. The green evokes the landscape and its spring-like green colors throughout the year. This color covering the land together with the variety of colors of each flower make us known as the “City of the Eternal Spring”. The gold refers to the wealth of fruit and water, and also to the spiritual wealth of the region and city. The brown alludes to the Virgin Carmen, patron of the cidreños and to the savannah dove, a unique species in the world that has its habitat in this municipality.

  • The green evokes the landscape which is green throughout the year and which covers all the land with a immense variety of colored flowers. It is the reason why the town is called “Town Of The Eternal Spring”.
  • The gold color refers to the richness of its fruits and hydrography as well as the spiritual wealth of the region and its citizenship.
  • The brown alludes to the Virgin Carmen, patron of the cidreños, and to the Savannah Dove, which is a unique species in the world that has its habitat in this municipality.

cidra escudoCoat Of Arms: Approved by Municipal Assembly during the decade of the seventies. The red band that crosses the shield diagonally represents the name of the municipality and symbolizes the patriotic love of the population and its daily struggle, as well as the martyrdom of San Juan Nepomuceno, one of the holy patrons of the municipality. Over the red band it has a gold “cidra” and a cornucopia with its fruit in natural color, which alludes that Cidra is one of the mayor producer of fruit of the Island.

In the superior right is placed a scapulary that evokes the Virgin Carmen, patron of the town, and a black bishop hat that alludes to San Juan Nepomuceno, bishop and martyr. In the left inferior part, on a blue bottom, is locatd a brown Savannah Dove which nests in the Cidra area. This dove flies over a mountain of three tips, which indicates the location of the municipality in the Central Mountain Range. The blue and silver waves symbolize the aquatic wealth of Cidra. All this is capped by a three-tower crown.

Public Schools sorted by educational.
Caguas Region
Cidra District

Name Nivel Telephone Address
CEIBA I K-6 (787) 739-4360 PO Box 11998 SUITE 1285, P.R. 00737-0000
MONTELLANO K-6 (787) 739-0611 PO Box 11998 SUITE 1285, P.R. 00737-0000
CIPRIAN CASTRODAD K-6 (787) 739-3744 RR 1 Box 2192, P.R. 00739-9604
EDUCACIÓN BILINGÜE K-7 (787) 747-0385 PO Box 650, P.R. 00739-0000
ELEMENTAL URBANA K-3 (787) 739-5623 PO Box 1245, P.R. 00739-0000
LUIS MUÑOZ RIVERA 4-6 (787) 739-2761 PO Box 650, P.R. 00739-0000
LUIS MUÑOZ RIVERA Y ANEXO K-3 (787) 739-4666 PO Box 650, P.R. 00739-0000
SANTA CLARA K-6 (787) 739-6626 PO Box 650, P.R. 00739-0000
JESÚS T PIÑERO 7-8 (787) 739-2481 PO Box 650, P.R. 00739-0000
LUIS MUÑOZ IGLESIAS 9-10 (787) 739-2535 PO Box 650, P.R. 00739-0000
SU CERTENEJAS II K-9 (787) 739-6195 PO Box 6400-1186, P.R. 00737-0000
SU PEDRO DÍAZ FONSECA K-9 (787) 738-3584 PO Box 371237, P.R. 00737-0000
CLEMENCIA MELÉNDEZ K-9 (787) 739-8913 PO Box 650, P.R. 00739-0000
SU JUAN STUBBE K-9 (787) 739-8545 PO Box 650, P.R. 00739-0000
SU PEDRO M DOMINICCI K-9 (787) 739-6130 PO Box 845, P.R. 00739-0845
High School
ANA J CANDELAS 10-12 (787) 739-8070 PO Box 650, P.R. 00739-0000
SUPERIOR VOCACIONAL 10-12 (787) 739-3011 PO Box 1817, P.R. 00739-0000

Himno: By Felito Félix

Del corazón de Puerto Rico nació Cidra
bautizado por un sol de amanecer
y arrullado por las brisas de Borinquen
con el aroma de las flores del Edén.

Yo me siento orgulloso de mi pueblo
de su gente, de sus montañas y praderas
y lo grito con orgullo donde quiera.

¡Soy del pueblo de la eterna primavera
soy cidreño, borinqueño
y orgulloso de ser buen puertorriqueño!
¡Soy cidreño, borinqueño
y lo grito con orgullo y con empeño!

¡Ser cidreño es un orgullo
una bendición de Dios!
¡Puertorriqueño de cepa cidreño de corazón!
La paloma sabanera se anidó en su corazón.

Ser cidreño es un orgullo
cidreño, cidreño, cidreño de corazón.
¡Ser cidreño es un orgullo
una bendición de Dios!
Soy de Los Bravos de Cidra,
cidreño, cidreño, cidreño de corazón.

Myrna Vázquez Week – February
Matron Festivities – July
Savannah Dove Festival – November

Places To Visit:
Ceiba Tree
Cidra Lagoon
Iberia Theater
Hamacas Bridge

Distinguished Citizens:
Benjamín López – Writer & poet
Francisco María Zeno – Periodista
Luis López Santos – Baseball player
Myrna Vázquez Díaz – Actress
Nicolás Ortíz – Writer
Pedro Vázquez Urbina – Writer
Viviana Vázquez – Possible donor of the town’s land
Victor Serrano – Writer


How to get to Cidra from San Juan.

direction cidra


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