Cayey, Puerto Rico

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Mist City

cayeyFoundation: Cayey (kei-YAI) history goes back to an Indian village called Toíta on the borders of the river Río La Plata. It was mentioned for the first time in 1519 and later in 1532 at the settlement of Juan González, in 1645 by Bishop Fray Damián López de Haro, in 1757 in two baptism records, and in 1765 within a document with instructions to the governor. The name was written before as: Cayey, Cahey, Cayei, and Caiyey. In 1805, the town’s name was Calley, but since then it is Cayey. On the June 2, 1773, the local population was empowered to found the town. Juan Mata Vázquez founded the town on August 17, 1773, becoming its first mayor. He probably donated the lands that today form part of the town. Cayey had between six to seven houses and one church. The church was a wooden structure and by 1787 a chapel had been constructed. In 1850 Cayey was considered a second class municipality.

Three legends support the origin of the name. It came from:
* The Mountain range of Cayey
* PThe name of Cacique Cayey (Chief Cayey)

The governor Miguel de Muesas, who had sympathy for the town, making the town also known as Cayey de Muesas.

mapa cayeyLocation: Cayey is located in the mountainous region, towards the southern coast. It is bordered by: Cidra and Caguas on the north, Salinas and Guayama on the south, Aibonito and Salinas on the west, and Caguas and San Lorenzo on the east.

Area: 130.0 sq km / 50.0 sq mi
Population: 47,370 (census 2000)
Population Density: 364.3 per sq km / 947.4 per sq mi
People are known as: Cayeyanos
Cayey is also known as:
Ciudad de las Brumas (Mist City)
Ciudad del Torito (Torito City)
Ciudad del Coquí Dorado (Golden Coquí City)

Wards: Cayey, Puerto Rico
barrios cayey
Census 2000:
Population by Wards – Cayey
Beatriz 1,986
Cayey Pueblo 15,706
Cedro 777
Cercadillo 827
Culebras Alto 68
Culebras Bajo 292
Farallón 623
Guavate 1,491
Jájome Alto 654
Jájome Bajo 637
Lapa 234
Matón Abajo 1,184
Matón Arriba 1,034
Monte Llano 3,874
Pasto Viejo 654
Pedro Ávila 178
Piedras 59
Quebrada Arriba 1,134
Rincón 5,909
Sumido 729
Toíta 6,291
Vegas 3,029
Total 47,370

Información: Negociado del Censo de los EE.UU. Censo 2000

Nuestra Señora de Asunción
Apartado 372887
Cayey, P.R. 00737-2887
(787) 738-2763

cayey iglesia

Topography: The mountainous terrain forms part of the mountain ranges of Cayey and Jájome, which are part of the Central Mountain range (Cordillera Central). The population is mostly based in the valley areas.
Hydrography: The Plata, Chiquito, Guavate, Matón rivers that flow towards the Atlantic Ocean, and the Majada, Jájome and Lapa rivers that flow to the Caribb
Economy: Manufacture (food products, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment), agriculture (cattle) and telecommunications.
Average Salary: $327.70 weekly (1998)

cayey banderaFlag: The flag derives its design and colors from the Coat of Arms, which is in the center of the flag encirled by a solid black ring. The centered Coat of Arms and has four triangles pointing to it, two white and two red.

cayey escudo The Coat of Arms has a three tip mountain, a red bull, and a waving blue stripe representing the abundant water in the zone and also in reverence to the primitive Matron of the town of Cayey. The shield is topped with the silver lamb symbol of San Juan of Puerto Rico, and a red book.

The colors red and gold symbolize the Spanish tradition and it’s founder. The green color represents the landscapes and Cayey mountains. The black color indicates antiquity, solemnity and seriousness. The shield is a creation by Dr. J.J. Santa Pinter, associated professor of the Colegio Universitario de Cayey.

Public Schools sorted by educational levels.
Caguas Region
Cayey District

Name Level Telephone Address
AGUSTÍN FERNÁNDEZ COLON K-6 (787) 738-5761 PO Box 372040, P.R. 00737-0000
BENIGNO CARRIÓN K-6 (787) 738-3087 PO Box 373275, P.R. 00737-0000
CONSUELO LÓPEZ BENET 1-6 (787) 263-2999 PO Box 373332, P.R. 00737-0000
EMERITA LEÓN ELEMENTAL K-6 (787) 738-2410 PO Box 372966, P.R. 00737-0000
FÉLIX LUCAS BENET K-6 (787) 738-3830 PO Box 373362, P.R. 00737-0000
JOSÉ GUALBERTO PADILLA K-6 (787) 738-7847 PO Box 373503, P.R. 00737-0000
JULIO VIZCARRONDO Y CORONADO K-6 (787) 738-7111 PO Box 373503, P.R. 00737-0000
LUIS MUÑOZ RIVERA K-6 (787) 738-2621 PO Box 371156, P.R. 00737-0000
MANUEL CORCHADO YJUARBE K-6 (787) 263-0101 PO Box 373503, P.R. 00737-3503
MIGUEL MELÉNDEZ MUÑOZ (ELEMENTAL) K-6 (787) 738-2058 PO Box 373392, P.R. 00737-0000
RAMON FRADE LEON K-6 (787) 738-2847 PO Box 10000 Suite 123, P.R. 00737-0000
SALVADOR BRAU K-6 (787) 738-3190 PO Box 10000 Suite 135, P.R. 00737-0000
VIRGINIA VAZQUEZ MENDOZA PK-6 (787) 263-4635 PO Box 2617, P.R. 00737-2617
BENIGNO FERNÁNDEZ GARCÍA 7-9 (787) 738-2626 PO Box 373274, P.R. 00737-0000
DR. RAMÓN EMETERIO BETANCES 7-9 (787) 738-3745 PO Box 371119, P.R. 00737-0000
EMERITA LEÓN INTERMEDIA 7-9 (787) 738-2440 PO Box 370573, P.R. 00737-0000
SU EUGENIO MARIA DE HOSTOS K-9 (787) 738-5866 PO Box 372528, P.R. 00737-2528
SU GERARDO SELLES SOLA K-9 (787) 263-0490 PO Box 6400 Suite 455, P.R. 00737-0000
SU REXFORD GUY TUGWELL K-9 (787) 738-5482 HC 44 Box 13591, P.R. 00737-0000
High School
BENJAMIN HARRISON 10-12 (787) 738-1309 PO Box 3246, P.R. 00737-0000
CENTRO ADIESTRAMIENTO EE (787) 263-1480 PO Box 2345, P.R. 00737-0000
MIGUEL MELÉNDEZ MUÑOZ (SUPERIOR) 10-12 (787) 738-3078 PO Box 3160, P.R. 00737-0000

Hymn: Alma Boricua By Clodomiro Rodríguez

Dejé en los campos de la patria mía
un paraíso, un verdadero edén.
Encuentro al mundo un campo frío y desierto
al compararlo con mi borinquén.

¡Viva mi patria, mi bello país!
¡Viva por siempre glorioso y feliz!

Yo veo riquezas en esta tierra extraña.
Yo veo bellezas muy dignas de admirar;
pero hace falta no-sé-qué de encanto
que solo tiene mi terruño ideal.

Dejé al salir de aquellas playas níveas
mi hogar querido, el nido de mi amor.
Dejé dos ojos que me lloran siempre,
dos ojos claros, limpios como el sol.

Yo soy boricua. Mi amor es Puerto Rico.
Para mi islita no encuentro parangón.
Nací en los montes del centro de mi tierra.
¡Yo soy boricua de sangre y corazón!

Regional Fair – April
Torito Olympics – April
Matron Festivities Nuestra Señora de Asunción – August

Places To Visit:
Comsat Station
Ramón Frade Museum

Distinguished Citizens:
Don Miguel de Muesas
Don Juan Mata Vázquez
Félix Lucas Benet
Agustín Fernández Colón
Baltazar Mendoza Martínez
Miguel Meléndez Muñoz
Julio César López
Pedro Montañez
Emérita León Candelas
Eugenio Fernández Méndez


How to get to Cayey from San Juan.

direction cayey


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