San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico

San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico

The Town of the Samaritans

san lorenzo chayanne
Chayanne, singer and international actor.

Foundation: San Lorenzo (san lo-REN-zo) was founded by don Valeriano Muńoz de Oneca. The exact date is not certain because the parochial archives of this municipality were lost in a fire and no copies were available. Coll y Toste believes that it was in 1811 and other investigators such as Generoso Muńoz Morales indicates that it was founded between March of 1813 and April of 1814.

It is said that Gregorio Muńoz de Oneca donated forty acres of land. In the XVIII century the San Miguel de Hato Grande ranch was part of the original Hato Grande de los Delgado ranch, enormous extension of land granted by royal decree to a family, and was part of a ward of the an extensive valley which had as headquarters Caguas.

Documents state that as early as 1737 a hermitage was erected by the parish of Caguas, under the tutelage of San Miguel. The church was constructed in 1812, and during the date of the foundation of the town, 1811 or 1813, the original tutelage of San Miguel was changed to San Lorenzo. According to history it is said that this last saint appeared to several neighbors in the fertile valley of the river.

The economy of San Lorenzo, originally based on cattle ranching, included later on the cultivation of sugar cane, that was processed in a refinery moved by steam and five oxen which had two stills. In addition coffee and fruit were cultivated. The wood production, that was very rich, had already decayed by the immoderate exploitation of the forests.

San Lorenzo is known as “”The Town of the Samaritans”” according to the following story; “During the 1920’s, in the Hato de San Lorenzo ward according to journalistic versions of the time and verbal testimonies of people who lived then: multitudes would go to a place in the mountains where a young 12 year old girl lived. This young girl named Julia Vázquez Torres, according to versions, had supernatural powers that in repeated occasions provided health to needed people. During these undeniable feats only homemade remedies were applied with medicinal plants, minerals and the pure waters of a nearby well, where the young girl took care of the people. With time, the young girl became an adult, but her reputation as a upright person and dedicated to do good accompanied her every day by her life “.

mapa sanlorenzoLocation: Located in the eastern central region, it borders with Gurabo to the north, Patillas and Yabucoa to the south, Caguas and Cayey to the west and east with Juncos and Las Piedras.
Area: 137.8 sq km / 50.3 sq mi
Population: 40,997 (census 2000)
Population Density: 297.5 per sq km / 773.5 per sq mi
People are known as: Sanlorenceńos
San Lorenzo is also known as:
The Town of the Samaritans
Land of Leyends

Wards: San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
barrios sanlorenzo

Census 2000:
Population by Wards – San Lorenzo
Cayaguas 1,394
Cerro Gordo 4,400
Espino 3,435
Florida 5,791
Hato 7,109
Jagual 4,316
Quebrada 2,231
Quebrada Arenas 2,751
Quebrada Honda 2,309
Quemados 4,771
San Lorenzo Pueblo 2,490
Total 40,997

Source: Censo 2000

Nuestra Seńora de las Mercedes
Nuestra Seńora de las Mercedes Parish
Apartado 1280
San Lorenzo, P.R. 00754
(787) 736-2571
sanlorenzo iglesia
Nuestra Seńora de las Mercedes Parish

Topography: It belongs to the geographic region of the Valley of Caguas and part of the Cayey Mountain Range.
Hydrography: This municipality is bathed by the Grande de Loíza, Emajagua, Cayaguás and Las Vegas rivers.
Economy: Industry (clothing, leather footwear and electromechanical equipment) and agriculture (tobacco, fruit, sugar cane and cattle).

sanlorenzo banderaFlag: The flag of San Lorenzo is divided in four rectangles of equal size. The superior left and the inferior right are yellow. The superior right and inferior left are formed by horizontal stripes of equal width: two yellow and three red ones, alternated. This flag adopts the sytle of the Muńoz de Oneca’s Coat of Arms, lineage of the founder of this town, don Valeriano. This flag was adopted officially September 5, 1972.

sanlorenzo escudoCoat Of Arms: The colors gold and red have been chosen for Coat of Arms of San Lorenzo, because they are the colors of the Muńoz lineage shield, from which Don Valeriano Muńoz de Oneca belonged to, founder of the town of San Miguel de Hato Grande, today San Lorenzo. The grill is the traditional symbol of San Lorenzo, deacon and martyr, patron of the town, because in a grill he underwent the martyrdom, slowly burned to death. The hill or mountain represent the Gregorio Hill, which dominates the San Lorenzo panorama. The cross is one of the heraldic attributes of San Miguel Arcángel, whose name was given to the town in the begining.

San Lorenzo Public Schools

Name Level Telephone Address
CARMELO FIGUEROA Elementary (787) 736-6424 PO Box 994
EL PARQUE Elementary (787) 736-8995 PO Box 440
ESPINO Elementary (787) 736-0086 PO Box 1283
EUGENIO MARIA DE HOSTOS Elementary (787) 736-0650 PO Box 1285
GERARDO SELLES SOLÁ Elementary (787) 736-2351 PO Box 1285
HATO PARCELAS Elementary (787) 736-5444 PO Box 1238
JAGUAL Elementary (787) 736-8898 PO Box 994
JOSÉ ROSARIO Elementary (787) 736-5830 Lado Parque de Bomberos
JOSEFA DOMINGO Elementary (787) 736-5880 PO Box 1281
LUIS MUŃOZ RIVERA Elementary (787) 736-5856 PO Box 1283
LUIS MUŃOZ RIVERA (VIEJA) Elementary (787) 736-2051 PO Box 1283
MANUEL CRUZ Elementary (787) 736-9269 PO Box 1283
QUEMADOS Elementary (787) 736-1546 PO Box 1251
GENEROSO MORALES MUŃOZ Intermediate (787) 736-6658 PO Box 1281
MARÍA CRUZ BUITRAGO Secondary (787) 736-9272 PO Box 1283
DRA. MARÍA T. DELGADO DE MARCAN Secondary (787) 736-0470 PO Box 9929
QUEBRADA HONDA Secondary (787) 736-8989 PO Box 1289
CARLOS ZAYAS Secondary (787) 736-9633 PO Box 1281
JAGUAL ADENTRO Secondary (787) 736-7877 PO Box 1283
JOSÉ CAMPECHE High School (787) 736-2701 Calle Emilio Buitargo

Hymn: By: Raúl A. Torres Irizarry y Elpidio Montalvo

Son tus campos de bellísimo verdor
y tu gente como ninguna
pueblo que guardas en tus suelos
una historia de inmenso valor.

Posees riquezas dignas de admirar
el Río Grande y el Cerro Gregorio.
Vistes de fe y esperanza nuestro ser
cuando hablamos de tu santa montańa.

Oh, Samaritana eres mujer ejemplar
nuestro gran tesoro fue heredar tu identidad.
Orgulloso yo viviré del pueblo que represento
con la frente en alto te diré es mi pueblo
San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo.

Three Kings Caroling – January
Cavalcade Moncho Roldán – January
Candelaria Celebrations – February
Kite Festival – March
Cross Celebrations – May
Matron Celebrations – September
Embroidering and Weave Festival – September
Passion Fruit Festival – November

Places To Visit:
La Santa Hill
San Carlos Cockpit
Pricila Flores Theater
Quintana Ranch

Distinguished Citizens:
José Tous Soto – Lawyer & senator.
Elmer Figueroa Arce “Chayanne” (1968- ) – Singer & actor.
Genaro Moralez Muńoz – Investigating journalist.
Priscila Flores – Tipical music singer.
Carmita Jiménez – International singer.

How to get to San Lorenzo from San Juan.

direction sanlorenzo


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