Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

City of Sugar

El Morrillo Beach

Foundation: It is believed that the foundation of Yabucoa (yah-boo-KO-ah), took place October 3, 1793, being governor Commander Francisco Torralbo. The lands in which the church, the House of the King, the priest’s house, and the one destined to common land and plaza, 25 acres altogether, were donated by Manuel Colón and his wife Catalina Morales Pacheco.

A year after the foundation of the town the construction of the church was finalized, that was placed under the patronage of Ángeles Custodios. Other municipal projects were concluding throughout the years. Little by little the jail was built and the cemetery fenced. The July 25, 1825 the Santa Ana cyclone ruined almost completely the town; only the church remained standing. Three years later the jail was rebuilt and shortly after the first slaughter house was finished.

The name of Yabucoa, according to historian Cayetano Coll y Toste, in the Taíno language means “place of yucca “, and was applied to all the territory of the valley and immediate mountains.

mapa yabucoaLocation: Yabucoa is located in the southeastern end of Puerto Rico. To the north it borders with San Lorenzo, Las Piedras and Humacao, to the south with Maunabo and the Caribbean Sea, west with San Lorenzo and Patillas and east with the Caribbean Sea.
Area: 141.9 sq km / 54.6 sq mi
Population: 39,246 (census 2000)
Population Density: 276.5 per sq km / 718.7 per sq mi
People are known as: Yabucoeños
Yabucoa is also known as:
La Ciudad del Azúcar (City of Sugar)
El Pueblo de Yuca (City of Yucca)
Los Bebe Leche (Milk Drinkers)

Wards: Yabucoa, Puerto Rico
barrios yabucoa

Census 2000:
Population by Wards – Yabucoa
Aguacate 2,758
Calabazas 7,998
Camino Nuevo 3,919
Guayabota 3,240
Jácanas 3,303
Juan Martín 3,483
Limones 3,770
Playa 4,761
Tejas 2,830
Yabucoa Town 3,184
Total 39,246

Información: Negociado del Censo de los EE.UU. Censo 2000

Santos Ángeles Custodios Parish
Santos Ángeles Custodios
Santos Ángeles Custodios Parish
Apartado 7
Yabucoa, P.R. 00767
(787) 893-2250

Topography: It belongs to humid region of the Eastern Coastal Valleys.
Hydrography: It watered by the Guayanés, Prieto, Arenas, Limones, del Ingenio rivers and the Santiago marsh, as well as several gorges, among them Cortadera, Aguacate, Aguas Largas and Laja.
Economy: Manufacture; clothing, cigarettes, electrical and electronic machinery, petroleum refinement. Agriculture; sugar cane, fruits, tobacco and cattle.
Average Salary: $314.15 weekly (1998)

yabucoa banderaFlag: The design of the flag of Yabucoa is abstract, inspired by the colors of the municipal shield; green, white and violet.

yabucoa escudoCoat Of Arms: Yabucoa is the only municipality of Puerto Rico with the Santos Ángeles Custodios (Holy Guardian Angels ) as its patron. This fact, serves as base and inspiration for the design of the shield of Yabucoa.

  • In the shield appear two angels representing the immense multitude of them.
  • The color purple (violet) field of the shield represents the highest dignity of the angels.
  • The walking sticks are attributes of the traveller, and refer to the holy office of the Angels as guides and companions in man’s journey in his earthly life.
  • The canes are adorned with guajana flowers, representing the wealth of the sugar cane.
  • The green land where the angels stand symbolizes the fertile valley in which Yabucoa is located.
Yabucoa Public Schools.

Name Level Telephone Address
CALABAZAS ARRIBA Elementary (787) 893-1380 PO Box 1950
CATALINA MORALES Elementary (787) 893-4400 PO Box 2040
EUGENIO MARIA DE HOSTOS Elementary (787) 893-2500 PO Box 256
FEDERICO MATHEW BAEZ Elementary (787) 893-4680 PO Box 1950
FRANCISCO SUSTACHE Elementary (787) 893-4830 PO Box 6
JAIME C. RODRÍGUEZ Elementary (787) 893-2010 PO Box 6
JOSÉ F. CINTRÓN Y ANEXO Elementary (787) 266-2333 PO Box 699
JUAN B. HUYKE Elementary (787) 893-2122 PO Box 12
MARTA SÁNCHEZ Elementary (787) 893-3300 PO Box 2002
MARTORELL Elementary (787) 893-3425 PO Box 1458
ROSA SÁNCHEZ VARGAS Elementary (787) 893-3345 PO Box 357
ROSA COSTA VALDIVIESO Intermediate (787) 893-3390 PO Box 2009
ANDRÉS SANDÍN Second Unit (787) 893-1070 PO Box 888 Suite 202
ANDRÉS SOTO QUIÑONES Second Unit (787) 893-0090 PO Box 128
ASUNCIÓN LUGO Second Unit (787) 893-2626 PO Box 1514
CRISTÓBAL DEL CAMPO Second Unit (787) 893-3332 PO Box 622
JESÚS T. SANABRIA CRUZ Second Unit (787) 893-4860 PO Box 429
MANUEL ORTIZ Second Unit (787) 893-5770 PO Box 1064
MARCOS SÁNCHEZ Second Unit (787) 893-7136 PO Box 1508
ROGELIO ROSADO Second Unit (787) 893-3075 PO Box 155
LUIS MUÑOZ MARÍN High School (787) 893-2880 PO Box 6
NUEVA ESCUELA High School (787) 893-2216 PO Box 1990
TEODORO AGUILAR MORA High School (787) 893-2216 PO Box 1990

Hymn: By Dr. Juan A. Quiñones Soto

Yabucoa es mi Pueblo
y mi meta la unidad,
como hermanos laboremos
por Paz y Felicidad.

Fraternalmente estaremos
en pos de un Ideal,
luchar siempre con justicia
con verdad y dignidad.

Nuestro Valle nos inspira,
nuestro Monte, nuestro Mar,
dispuestos siempre estaremos
en la luchar a continuar.

Yabucoa, cuna nuestra,
que Guaracas defendió
toca ahora nuestra herencia
proteger con Fe y Amor.

Con la mente siempre al cielo
nuestra lucha ha de ser
conservarle a nuestros Hijos
esta tierra, este hogar.

Yabucoa es mi Pueblo
y mi meta la unidad,
como hermanos laboremos
por Paz y Felicidad.

Sugar Cane Festival – May
Beach Festival – May
Carmen Festival – July
Quebradillas Festival – September
Patron Celebrations – October
Festival del Campesino – October
Martorell Jíbaro Festival – December

Places To Visit:
La Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture)
Roig Refinery
Guayanés Beach
Hacienda Santa Lucía Ruins

Distinguished Citizens:
Antonio Ayuso Valdivieso – Lawyer, journalist, educator and politician.
Santiago Vidarte – Poet

How to get to Yabucoa from San Juan.

direction yabucoa


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