Moca, Puerto Rico

Moca, Puerto Rico

The Mundillo Lace Capital

moca flor
Moca Tree Flower

Moca is known as the “Capital of Mundillo Lace” and the “Town of the Vampires”. The patron saint is Nuestra Señora de la Monserrate.

Moca is bordered on the east by the municipality of San Sebastián, on the west by Aguada, on the north by Isabela and Aguadilla and on the south by Añasco.

Geographically, it is part of the sub-region called the western coastal valleys. This zone is characterized by very fertile alluvial soils, with abundant rain from May to November and a dry season that prevails from December to March.

Agricultural products from Moca include plantains, bananas, pigeon peas, yautia, yams, pumpkin, beans, coffee and oranges. There are also factories producing donuts, peanuts, traditional candies, meat pies, pork rinds, traditional cakes called “brazo gitano,” and office equipment.


On April 7, 1772, Don Jose de Quiñones appeared before the Governor Don Miguel de Muesas, with a power of 71 neighbors, requesting permission to found town and church. After having fulfilled the requirements of recognition, delineation, granting of finances and insurance of rent for the priest and thanks to Candida Vives who donated the lands of Moca, the town was developed. Moca was officially founded on June 22, 1772.

Although it is not known with certainty what is the origin of the name of Moca, it is accepted that it is derived from the great abundance of trees of Moca (Andira inermes) whose beautiful pink or purple flowers betray its presence, very common in this region. The 19 of February of 1972 the tree of Moca was officially adopted like representative tree of the town of Moca.


mapa mocaThe municipality of Moca borders on the north with the municipality of Aguadilla and Isabela, on the south with Añasco, on the west with the municipalities Aguada and Aguadilla and on the east with the minicipios of Isabela and San Sebastián.


31.8 kilometros cuadrados / 50.7 millas cuadradas


39,697 (censo 2000)

Population Density:

31.8 square kilometers / 50.7 square miles

People are known as:


Moca is also known as:

Capital del Mundillo (Capital of the Mundillo)
Los Vampiros (The vampires)

Wards: Moca, Puerto Rico

barrios moca

Census 2000:
Population by Wards – Moca
Cerro Gordo3,875
Moca Pueblo1,980
Barrio Town6,600
Total 39,697

Source: Censo 2000


Virgen de la Monserrate
Nuestra Señora de la Monserrate Parish
Calle Blanca Chico 201
Apartado 435
Moca, P.R. 00676

Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Monserrate


Its terrain is generally flat. To the north is located within the karst area. Part of its topography is the Cordillera Jaicoa with the following elevations: Monte El Ojo, Cerro Moca and Monte Mariquita. To the south is the Chain of San Francisco, which separates it from Añasco. In El Plata are El Ceno Velas and the call Cuesta de la Yuca.


It is irrigated by Culebrinos River and its tributaries, the Gatas, Lassalle, Las Damas, Viejos, Los Romanones, Los Morones, Higuillo, Chiquita, Yagrumo, Echevarria, Aguas Frías, Las Marias, Méndez, La Caraima, Big and Sweet.


Manufacturing: footwear, electronic machinery, alarms, clothing and plastic products and agriculture: sugar cane, minor fruits and some livestock.

Average Salary:

$268.78 semanal (1998)


moca banderaDesigned by the painter Mocano Augusto Hernández at the request of the Society Pro Commemoration of the Bicentennial of Moca, Inc. The Society approved the design, and the Municipal Assembly adopted it officially on February 19, 1972. On June 22 – Bicentennial Day – it was presented to the people based on the original polychrome wooden prepared by Valentín Pérez Painter Moca shield.

Coat Of Arms:

moca escudo Designed by the painter Mocano Augusto Hernández at the request of the Society Pro Commemoration of the Bicentennial of Moca, Inc. The Society approved the design, and the Municipal Assembly adopted it officially on February 19, 1972. On June 22 – Bicentennial Day – it was presented to the people based on the original polychrome wooden prepared by Valentín Pérez Painter Moca shield.

It has an oblong shape. It is divided in silver field and blue sky united by a purple losange, the color of the flower of Moca. The losange is loaded with religious symbolism. The losange surrounds, in their inferior part, two leaves of leafy branches of the tree of Moca; In its upper part, an arc of eleven silver stars with five points. Inside the losange is a golden monogram (of the Virgin Mary) surpassed by Christian crown of the same metal. The shield is crowned by silver crown in the form of castle of three crenellated towers. On the frontal body of the crown is carved, in gold, the word Moca. To the left and right of the word Moca, in the hollows of the front doors of the castle, there are two golden cadados, with eyes in the form of a Latin cross denoted in purple. The stones of the castle are masonadas of blue. The doors and windows are purple.


moca arbol
Moca, Puerto Rico
  • Three Kings Festival – January
  • Three Kings Parade – January
  • Agricultural Fair – April
  • Municipal Olympics – June
  • Patron Saint Festival – August and September
  • Mundillo Lace Festival – June
  • Cuatro Festival – June
  • Monserrate Rafting – November
  • Beginning of Christmas Season – December
  • Parade of Masks – December
  • Festival of Masks – December

Places To Visit:

  • Former Labadie house or Moreau Palace
  • Los Meléndez castles
  • Enriqueta estate
  • Mundillo museum
  • La Moca park
  • Nuestra Señora de la Monserrate parish

Distinguished Citizens:

  • Marcelino Rodríguez Román – Teacher in Moca, Lares, Camuy, Cidra and Bayamón. Director of the magazine Educación produced by the Department of Public Education. Was a correspondent for the newspaper El Mundo.
  • Enrique A. Laguerre Vélez – Writer and professor of Spanish studies. Wrote the novels La llamarada, Solar Montoya, El 30 de febrero, La resaca, Los dedos de la mano, La ceiba en el tiesto, El laberinto, Cauce sin río and El fuego y su aire. Was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature.
  • Adolfo Babilonia Quiñones – Educator, musician, farmer, telegraph operator and mathematician.
  • Dr. Efraín Sánchez Hidalgo – Educator, Secretary of Public Education; author of diverse works in the field of educational psychology.
  • Atilano Cordero Badillo – Businessman and entrepreneur. A civic leader, he has occupied leadership positions in the government and in international marketing and business organizations.
  • Pedro Acevedo y Rivera – Mayor of Moca in 1897, journalist, musician and politician. Constituent delegate for the Autonomist Party in 1887. Provincial deputy for Añasco in 1873-1896. Was imprisoned for his liberal ideas.
  • Américo Miranda González – Civic leader, businessman and humanist. The town’s public library is named for him.
  • Luis Alfredo Colón Velázquez – Senator and first legislator native to Moca (1944-1968) and municipal judge for Moca (1943-1944). Member of the Constituent Assembly of Puerto Rico.
  • Noel Colón Martínez – Lawyer, president of the Puerto Rico Bar Association (1964-1966), candidate for governor for the Puerto Rican Independence Party in 1972.

Moca Public Schools

Moca District

Name Location
Cerro Gordo LaoBo. Cerro Gordo
Dr. Efraín Sánchez HidalgoBo. Pueblo
Julio BabiloniaBo. Naranjo
Cerro Gordo medinaBo. Cerro Gordo
Unidad de CuchillasBo. Cuchillas
Marcelino Rodríguez RománBo. Voladoras
Marías IIIBo. Marías
Juan De Dios QuiñonesBo. Voladoras
George WashingtonBo. Rocha
Basilio CharnecoBo. Marías
Antonio S. PedreiraBo. Pueblo
Voladoras LomasBo. Voladoras
Tomas Vera AyalaBo. Plata
Arístides MaisonaveBo. Aceitunas
Narciso BosquesBo. Capá
Escuela Superior NuevaBo. Pueblo
Adolfo Babilonia QuiñonesBo. Pueblo
Luis Alfredo ColónBo. Pueblo


Por Augusto Hernández

Doce barrios, doce estrellas
en nuestra constelación
que queremos con orgullo
y defedemos con tezón.

Sus veredas, sus campiñas,
sus mocas de verde y flor
dan belleza a nuestro suelo
con un radiante esplendor.

Desde el norte de la Sierra
hasta el sur del Culebrinas
laboramos los mocanos
hasta conquistar la cima.

Las nuevas generaciones
se están nutriendo con gloria
del legado que ha dejado
lo héroes de nuestra historia.

How to get to Moca from San Juan.

direction moca


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