Carolina, Puerto Rico

Carolina, Puerto Rico

Land of Giants

carolina aeropuerto
Areopuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín

Carolina (kah-ro-LEE-nah) is known as the “Land of Giants” and the town of the “arm choppers.” The “Land of Giants” comes from a carolinense named Felipe Birriel Fernández, who was called “the Carolina Giant,” because he was seven feet and eleven inches tall. The latter phrase comes from an old custom of solving disputes in a machete duel.

Carolina is the fourth largest city on the island. The patron saint is Saint Ferdinand of the Carolinas.

Carolina is on the northeast coast of the island, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the town of Loíza to the north, Gurabo and Juncos on the south, Trujillo Alto and San Juan on the west and the municipality of Canóvanas on the east. The region is the northern coastal plain. In the Northern part of the municipality the land is swampy and low lying.

The economy of Carolina has developed throughout the 20th century. In the early part of the century, the economy was based on agriculture, with sugar cane being the main crop. Today, the city is highly industrialized. There are more than 100 factories that produce electric and electronic equipment, scientific instruments, metal containers, clothing, chewing gum, pharmaceutical products, plastics, and chemicals, among others. Tourism is also extremely important, especially in the Isla Verde area, where hotels, recreational facilities, and the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport are located.


Carolina was founded by Lorenzo Vizcarrondo under Governor and Commander in Chief Don Fernando de Costoñer, January 31, 1857. Its original name was Trujillo Bajo. It is known that Don Gaspar Martinez donated the land to establish the municipality, but requested that the city be named in honor of his daughter Carolina de San Juan.

Carolina is also known as “Tierra De Gigantes” (Land Of Giants), mainly by one of its inhabitants: Don Felipe Biriel Fernandez known as “The Giant of Carolina”, who stood 7′ 11″. Its also known as “Los Tumba Brazos” (Arm Hackers), because in the old days people would solved their conflicts dueling with machetes.


mapa carolinaCarolina is bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean and Loíza, on the south by Gurabo and Juncos, on the west by Trujillo Alto and San Juan, and on the east by the municipality of Canóvanas.


120.9 sq km / 46.5 sq mi


186,076 (census 2000)

Population Density:

1,539.0 per sq km / 4,001.6 per sq mi

People are known as:


Carolina is also known as:

Tierra de Gigantes (Land Of Giants)
Los Tumba Brazos (Arm Hackers)

Wards: Carolina, Puerto Rico

barrios carolina
Census 2000:
Population by Wards – Carolina
Cangrejo Arriba18,681
Carolina Pueblo1,398
Hoyo Mulas33,914
Martín González24,656
Sabana Abajo62,238
San Antón10,465
Santa Cruz2,025
Trujillo Bajo9,808
Total 186,076

Información: Source: Censo 2000


The terrain is level, except in the southern region (Juncos and Canóvanas borders) where the Asomante range is found.


Grande de Loíza & Canovanillas rivers and the Pifiones, San José and La Torrecilla lagoons form part of the hydrographic system.


Manufacture (pharmaceutical, medical equipment and chemical) and commerce.

Average Salary:

$361.50 weekly (1998)


carolina bandera The flag consists of three vertical bands, the laterals white and the middle red. The laterals are seeded with black ermine tails in the heraldic way as does the coat of arms. The middle band of the flag shows a red field with the sword and crown of the coat of arms in identical disposition, with the difference that the flag substitutes white and yellow for the silver and the gold in the coat of arms.

Coat Of Arms:

carolina escudo The figures and colors of the coat of arms of Carolina alludes to Patron San Fernando. Some of the colors allude to the founder Vizcarrondo known for the first patriotic freedom development in the island in 1838.

Fernando III, King of Castile and Leon (1199-1252) known as “El Santo” (The Saint), distinguished himself because of his love for God, justice, and mercy for the defeated. He was canonized in 1671. The crown over the sword is the main attribute for royalty and for that reason it occupies a privileged position in the Coat of Arms. The sword is not only a symbol for military service, but also one of justice, recalling the virtues of San Fernando.

The Coat of Arms has a wide edge of silver, a cultivated field of small tails of ermine shown in the conventional heraldic manner. This part of the Coat of Arms symbolizes the lineage of Don Lorenzo de Vizcarrondo, founder of the town. The red symbolizes the first patriotic developments made for Puerto Rico’s freedom under Spanish dominion. The crown represents the moral unity of the inhabitants of the town, and its historical continuity and autonomy.


  • Jazz night- third Friday of each month
  • Bohemia night – second Thursday of each month
  • Youth night- first Friday every two months
  • Artisans` Market- one Sunday in a month
  • Roberto Clemente’s week- August
  • Festival of Patron saint around May 30, day of Saint Ferdinand day

Places To Visit:

  • Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport
  • Old City Hall
  • Center and archive for historical research of Carolina
  • Carolina Beach – Balneario de Carolina
  • Isla de Verde Beach
  • Alambique Beach
  • Boca de Cangrejos (river mouth on the Atlantic)
  • Piñones State Forest
  • Ecuté House
  • Roberto Clemente Walker cenotaph
  • Roberto Clemente Municipal Stadium
  • Julio Vizcarrondo Liberal Arts School of Carolina
  • Roberto Clemente Walker Sports Complex
  • Ruins of the hacienda Victoria
  • Ruins of the Buena Vista sugarmill
  • Roberto Clemente conmemorative fountaine
  • Ponce Hotel
  • San Fernando de la Carolina church
  • La Torrecilla, Piñones, Los Corozos and San José lagoons
  • Fernando Tercero Rey de Castilla y León monument
  • Julia de Burgos mausoleum
  • Luis Muñoz Marín monument
  • Julia de Burgos Park
  • Promenade of the Giants
  • Rey Fernando de la Carolina public square
  • Salsa square
  • Río Grande de Loíza river
  • Cave system of Cerro San José
  • University of Puerto Rico Carolina campus
  • Isla Verde tourist zone – including Isla Verde beach , hotel zone
  • Cemetary Puerto Rico Memorial
  • Cockfight club
  • Jesús T. Piñero monument

Distinguished Citizens:

  • Julia de Burgos – poet, author of the epic “Río Grande Loíza.” Her works include the books of verse Poemas exactos a mí misma, Poemas en veinte surcos and Canción de la verdad sencilla. She died in New York City in 1953.
Roberto Clemente Walker
Roberto Clemente Walker
  • Roberto Clemente Walker – Major League baseball player and winner of numerous awards and recognitions. He died tragically in an airplane accident en route to Nicaragua to help earthquake victims on December 31, 1972. He was the first Latin American to be elected to the United States Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • Ramón Mellado Parsons – educator and essayist. He was Secretary of Public Education, President of the Higher Education Council, and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (1951-1952). His writings include a book on education called La educación en Puerto Rico.
  • Jesús T. Piñero – the first Puerto Rican governor, appointed by the President of the United States in 1946. He was a founder of the Popular Democratic Party, member of the House of Representative (1941-1944) and cesident Commissioner in Washington.
  • Angel Rivero Méndez – military man, journalist, and entrepreneur. He participated in the Spanish-American War, and wrote about his experiences as a member of the Spanish Army in Crónica de la Guerra Hispanoamericana en Puerto Rico. During the 1920s he wrote a column in the newspapaer El Imparcial and later, in the newspaper El Mundo.
  • Jesús María Sanromá – internationally renowned pianist. Sanromá studied in the United States, France, and Germany. We can still enjoy his numerous recordings.
  • Julio Vizcarrondo – writer and abolicionist.
  • Fortunato Vizcarrondo – musician and poet. Author of the poem ¿Y tú agüela a onde está?.
  • Wilfredo Benítez – the youngest boxer winner of the World Boxing Title.
  • Felibe Birriel – Know as el gigante de Carolina. He measured 7 feet and 11 inches in 1946.

Public Schools sorted by educational levels.

San Juan Region
Carolina I District

Name Level Telephone Address
AGUSTÍN RODRÍGUEZ HERNÁNDEZK-6(787) 750-1180PO Box 2000, P.R. 00729-2000
CRUZ SALGUERO TORRESK-6(787) 769-3458PO Box 2000 Suite 151, P.R. 00729-0000
JUANA RODRÍGUEZ MUNDOK-6(787) 750-8833PO Box 2000 Suite 280, P.R. 00729-0000
PRISCO FUENTESPK-6(787) 750-4480Suite 143, P.R. 00726-0000
DR. CLEMENTE FERNÁNDEZK-6(787) 757-5790PO Box 7460, P.R. 00986-0000
ESTIMULACIÓN TEMPRANAEE(787) 750-4060PO Box 98, P.R. 00986-0098
JESUS MANUEL SUAREZK-6(787) 750-2774Valle Arriba Heights Sta., P.R. 00984-0000
JOSÉ SEVERO QUIÑONESK-6(787) 769-3280PO Box 7819, P.R. 00986-7819
JUANA A MÉNDEZPK-6(787) 768-3735PO Box 7709, P.R. 00986-7709
LUIS MUÑOZ RIVERAK-6(787) 769-3260PO Box 4878, P.R. 00986-4878
PEDRO J RODRÍGUEZK-6(787) 750-0011PO Box 1925, P.R. 00984-1925
ROBERTO CLEMENTEK-6(787) 752-0057URB ROLLING HILLS #15, P.R. 00987-0000
SALVADOR BRAUK-6(787) 750-4044PO Box 6011, P.R. 00984-6011
TRUJILLO ALTO CACAO CENTROK-6(787) 750-6211Suite 283, P.R. 00917-2510
FACUNDO BUESO7-9(787) 769-8350PO Box 900, P.R. 00986-0900
MARTÍN GONZÁLEZ7-9(787) 276-4922URB METRÓPOLIS, P.R. 00987-0000
PETRA ROMÁN VIGO7-9(787) 769-3255PO Box 4099, P.R. 00984-0000
SALVADOR BRAU (INTERMEDIA)7-9(787) 750-0305PO Box 4099, P.R. 00985-0000
JESÚS T PIÑEROK-9(787) 750-0260PO Box 220, P.R. 00729-0000
SU CARLOS CONDE MARÍNK-9(787) 769-4645PO Box 593, P.R. 00978-0000
High School
ÁNGEL P MILLÁN ROHENA10-12(787) 276-0120PO Box 7759, P.R. 00986-7759
CARLOS F DANIELS (VOC. DE AREA)10-12(787) 762-7385PO Box 7889, P.R. 00986-0000
LORENZO VIZCARRONDO10-12(787) 769-0870PO Box 9180, P.R. 00988-9180

San Juan Region
Carolina II District

Name Level Telephone Address
AMALIA EXPÓSITOK-6(787) 762-1117PO Box 3629, P.R. 00984-0000
DR. MODESTO RIVERA RIVERAK-6(787) 762-7505PO Box 209, P.R. 00985-0000
DR. RAMÓN MELLADO PARSONSK-6(787) 752-44201 PO Box 3892, P.R. 00984-0000
FRANCISCO MATÍAS LUGOK-6(787) 757-0410PO Box 3474, P.R. 00984-3474
INÉS MARIA MENDOZAK-6(787) 769-6644PO Box 4009, P.R. 00983-0000
JARDINES DE COUNTRY CLUBK-6(787) 768-0258PO Box 3699, P.R. 00981-0000
JESÚS MARIA SANROMAPK-6(787) 769-8451PO Box 7738, P.R. 00986-7738
LUIS MUÑOZ MARÍNK-6(787) 769-8375PO Box 3639, P.R. 00984-0000
MARIA TERESA SERRANOK-6(787) 752-2975PO Box 3629, P.R. 00984-0000
PASCASIO P. SANCERRITK-6(787) 769-4260PO Box 1984, P.R. 00983-1984
PEDRO MOCZO BANIETPK-6(787) 769-2612PO Box 3114 Valle Arriba Heights Sta., P.R. 00983-0000
AGUSTÍN CABRERA7-9(787) 768-4044PO Box 3629, P.R. 00985-0000
EDUARDO J. SALDAÑA7-9(787) 769-3753PO Box 3122, P.R. 00984-3122
JESÚS RIVERA BULTRON7-9(787) 752-3131Tercera Sección Urb. VILLA, P.R. 00985-0000
MANUEL FEBRES GONZÁLEZ7-9(787) 768-3031PO Box 3809, P.R. 00984-3809
RENE MARQUES7-9(787) 757-2760PO Box 3335, P.R. 00984-3335
RVDO. FÉLIX CASTRO RODRÍGUEZ7-9(787) 750-1330PO Box 3629 Valle Arriba Heights Sta., P.R. 00984-0000
LOLA RODRÍGUEZ DE TIÓ7-12(787) 752-1410PO Box 4921, P.R. 00983-0000
JULIA DE BURGOSK-9(787) 791-0174PO Box 3676, P.R. 00984-3376
High School
DR. JOSÉ M LÁZARO10-12(787) 769-3638Valle Arriba Heights Sta., PR 00984-0000
GILBERTO CONCEPCIÓN DE GRACIA10-12(787) 768-2216PO Box 3629, P.R. 00984-0000
LUZ AMÉRICA CALDERÓN10-12(787) 768-4044PO Box 3467, P.R. 00984-3464


San Fernando de la Carolina
San Andrés Parish
Calle 401, Esq.482
Cuarta Extensión Country Club
Carolina P.R. 00982
(787) 769-7076



How to get to Carolina from San Juan.

direction carolina


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