Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico

Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico

Town of Prodigies

sabana grande palma
Thrinax morrisii

Sabana Grande (sah-BAH-nah GRAHN-de) is known as the “Town of Prodigies”, the “Town of the Virgen del Rosario del Pozo,” the “City of the Petate” and the “Town of the Petate Makers”. The petate is a mat made from a type of palm (Thrinax morrisii) that grows in the area. This palm weave had diverse uses, among them: sleeping mats, and mats to dry coffee and other grains. The patron saint of the municipality is San Isidro Labrador.

The municipality is bordered on the north by the municipality of Maricao, on the south by Guánica, on the west by San Germán and on the east by Yauco.

Geographically, it is part of the region known as the western coastal valleys. Its lands are alluvial and very fertile. They enjoy an abundance of rain from May through November and periods of drought from December to March.

There are two forest preserves in the municipality: the Maricao Forest and the Susúa Forest. The Maricao Forest covers parts of the municipalities of Maricao, San Germán, Mayagüez and Sabana Grande. The Susúa Forest is located in the Torre sector of Sabana Grande and the Susúa Alta sector of Yauco.

According to some Catholic faithful, the Virgen del Rosario or Virgen del Pozo has appeared several times in the municipality. La Virgen appeared to various people during a 36-day period from April 23 to May 25 of 1953. Since then, thousands of people have come to the well to pray and to be healed by its waters.

Today, factories in the municipality produce scientific instruments and chemical, textile and wood products. Traditionally, the Sabana Grande economy was agricultural in the past, dominated by sugar cane. Today, coffee, plantains, and fruits are grown. Livestock ranching is also part of the Sabana Grande economy.


Sabana Grande, in its origins was a ward of the municipality of San Germán. It’s name is derived from the extensive savannah (sabana) that occupies the southern region. Distant from head of the district, San Germán, the residents of this territory, under the tutelage of San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza, managed to erect a church before 1808 that was auxiliary of the parish of San German.

The auxiliary parish became independent from San Germán in 1813 and Don Pedro de Acosta founded the town in 1814 donating sixty acres of land for that purpose. In the site of the town, the people erected the Kings House and the Priest’s House, built a plaza, a slaughter house and a cemetery.


mapa sabana grandeIt is bordered by: Maricao on the north, Lajas and Guánica on the south, Yauco on the east, and San Germán on the west.


91.0 sq km / 35.0 sq mi


25,935 (census 2000)

Population Density:

285.0 per sq km / 741.0 per sq mi

People are known as:


Sabana Grande is also known as:

Pueblo de los Prodigios (Town of Prodigies)
Pueblo de los Petateros (Town of the Petateros)
Ciudad del Petate (Petate City)

Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico

barrios sabanagrande

Census 2000:
Population by Wards – Sabana Grande
Sabana Grande Pueblo1,807
Total 25,935

Source: Censo 2000


San Isidro Labrador
San Isidro Labrador Parish
Apartado 817
Sabana Grande, P.R. 00637
(787) 873-4475

sabanagrande iglesia
San Isidro Labrador Parish


The temperature varies between 70 and 80 degrees F. The winds are nearly constant and normally flow from the east, southeast. Rain, usually abundant during the months of April to November, is scarce between December and March, with a annual average precipitation of 56 inches.


It is located in the geographic region denominated Sabana Grande Plain. The terrain is moderately mountainous to the north, in the most northern part of the Santana and Tabonuco wards. The Central Mountain Range runs through these wards and the municipality of Maricao.


Sabana Grande is bathed by the Guanajibo river and several of its affluents; Grande, Coco, Cruces, Flores, Río Loco and the Culebra, Honda and Agustina gorges.


Agriculture (sugar, fruits and cattle in a smaller scale) and the elaboration of scientific instruments, chemical agents, textile and wood.

Average Salary:

$310.79 weekly (1998)


sabanagrande banderaThe Sabana Grande flag has four alternate quarters in green and yellow. In the center it has the municipal shield. The meaning of the flag is derived from the shield.

Coat Of Arms:

sabanagrande escudoThe Sabana Grande Coat of Arms contains elements that symbolically represent the patrons of our town. The rake and the shovel represent San Isidro Labrador, also patron of Madrid. It is believed that its representation comes from the faith that had the farmers of the old countryside. When the great droughts came, they made promises with the hope that the patron would save their harvests. The jug symbolizes the domestic tasks of Santa María de la Cabeza, San Isidro’s woman. Towards the center we find a palm leaf symbol of a typical industry of this town.

In the superior part is a crown with three towers, it establishes the category of town, and symbolizes solidarity, civic union and common defense.

The colors of the shield contain the tradition of our town: gold and green. Finally, the motto of our shield, Pueblo de los Prodigios (Town of Prodigies), brings to memory the tradition of a town where numerous extraordinary, historical and mysterious events have ocurred.

Places To Visit:

  • San Francisco Estate
  • La Casa Grande (Quilinchini Estate)
  • Museum of Art, City Hall
  • Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Rosary of the Well
  • Igualdad Lodge #23
  • Susúa State Forest
  • Barco House
  • Orlando López Recreational Center
  • Albino Estate


  • Patron Saint Festival – May
  • Virgen del Pozo Marathon – May
  • Inter-organizational Carnival – April
  • Soberao Jazz Festival – April
  • Petate Festival – December
  • Burén Corn Fritter Festival – December
  • Troubadour Festival – December
  • Three Kings Festival – January
  • Grand Petate Festival – February

Distinguished Citizens:

  • Augusto Malaret Yordán – (1878-1967) Lawyer, essayist, journalist and linguist. Author of the Diccionario de provincialismos de Puerto Rico (1917), the Diccionario de americanismos (1925) and Investigaciones gramaticales.
  • Manuel Quevedo Báez – (1865-1955) Physician, journalist and essayist. Founder of the magazine El Palenque de la Juventud, a periodical of great importance in Puerto Rican letters. Author of the Historia de la medicina y la cirugía en Puerto Rico. First president of the Medical Association of Puerto Rico.
  • Adalberto Rodríguez – (1934-1995) Comedian, parachutist and artist. Known for his portrayal of the character “The Mayor of Machuchal.”
  • Presby Santiago – Representative in the House for District 21 from 1992-1996.
  • Enrique Malaret Yordán and Joseíto Irizarry – Militants who fought for Cuban independence in the ranks of the Cuba Liberation Army.

Public Schools sorted by educational levels.

Sabana Grande Distict

Name Level Telephone Address
DR. JOSÉ CELSO BARBOSAElementary(787) 873-1185PO Box 742
FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELTElementary(787) 873-1520PO Box 846
JOSÉ R. GAZTAMBIDEElementary(787) 873-3860PO Box 846
LUIS MUÑOZ RIVERAElementary(787) 873-4270PO Box 371
ROSENDO MATIENZO CINTRÓNElementary(787) 873-7664PO Box 846
JOSÉ A. CASTILLOIntermediate(787) 873-3120PO Box 846
DAVID ANTONGIORGI CÓRDOVASecondary(787) 873-1521HC 9 Box 4635
FRANCISCO VÁZQUEZ PUEYOSecondary(787) 873-1501PO Box 846
JUAN I. VEGASecondary(787) 873-0545PO Box 846
BLANCA MALARETHigh School(787) 873-3980PO Box 878


By Raúl A. Torres Irizarry & Elpidio Montalvo

Sabana Grande, ciudad petatera,
alegre y bonita del sur del país.
Sabana Grande, tus montes y tus llanos,
tu gente y tu historia leyenda ya son.

Sabana Grande, tierra bendita,
tierra del sol brillante,
de hermosa luna que perfuma,
con el aroma de sus plantíos en la llanura.

Sabana Grande, de noble estirpe,
leyendas y tradiciones,
entre sus montes canta el pitirre,
Dios con su hijo te brindan juntos sus bendiciones.
Sabana Grande, cuna de héroes,
poetas y atletas a orgullo eres tú.

Por eso Sabana Grande, mirando al futuro,
en la historia te habrán de tener.

The Route to Sabana Grande from San Juan

direccion sabana grande


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