Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Pork Ring City

bayamón, marino
Playing dominoes at “El Marino”, Bayamón 1940’s

Foundation: Bayamón (bah-yah-MON) belonged to San Juan before being founded. A legend exists that its name is derived from a Indian chief called Bayamón, who dominated the region. Bayamón was founded in the year 1772, by don Mario A. Rodríguez León. Before Bayamón had streets, communication with San Juan was by river. One boarded a boat at the wharf, traveled through Palo Seco Bay to San Juan. Then one returned from San Juan through the channel of San Fernando, Cataño, and disembarked at the end of the Santa Ana Hacienda’s property. The first plans for the establishment of the town were drawn in 1791 by the military engineer, commander Don Ignacio Mascró y Homar. Bayamón rises into history as an organized town at the precise moment that Puerto Rico begins to have it’s own modern history.

The first plans for the town were drawn in 1791 by the military engineer, commander Don Ignacio Mascró y Homar. In 1831, Bayamón was divided into the following districts: Hato Tejas, Pajaros, Palo Seco, Buena Vista, Pastel, Cerro Gordo, Juan Ascencio, Guaraguao, Santa Oyala and Minillas. During 1878, extensive changes took place with its municipal organization: the Ascencio district became part of Aguas Buenas and the district of Palo Seco became part of Toa Baja. During 1878, Bayamón was made up of the following districts: Palmas; Cataño; Juan Sánchez; Hato Tejas; Pájaro; Santa Oyala; Buena Vista; Barrio Nuevo; Dajaos; Guaraguao Arriba; Guaraguao Abajo; Minillas; Cerro Gordo; Guaynabo; Pueblo Viejo; Santa Rosa; Camarones; Sonadora and Guaraguao. By 1912, the Guaraguao barrios, (Guaynabo), Pueblo Viejo, Santa Rosa y Sonadora, were taken away and annexed to form part of the Municipality of Guaynabo.

mapa bayamonLocation: The municipality of Bayamón is located in hills of the northern central part of the island. It is bordered by: borders with Toa Baja and Cataño on the north, Comerio and Aguas Buenas on the south, Toa Baja, Toa Alta, and Naranjito on the west, and Guaynabo on the east.

Area: 113.1 sq km / 43.5 sq mi
Population: 224,044 (census 2000)
Population Density: 1,980.9 per sq km / 5,610.2 per sq mi
People are known as: Bayamoneses
Bayamón is also known as:
El Pueblo del Chicharrón (Pork Ring City)

Wards: Bayamon, Puerto RIco
barrios bayamon
Census 2000:
Population by Wards – Bayamón
Bayamón (City) 5,336
Buena Vista 15,878
Cerro Gordo 34,161
Dajaos 2,691
Guaraguao Abajo 8,494
Guaraguao Arriba 1,681
Hato Tejas 46,528
Juan Sánchez 25,747
Minillas 42,617
Nuevo 2,394
Pájaros 32,855
Santa Olaya 5,662
Total 224,044

Información: Negociado del Censo de los EE.UU. Censo 2000

La Santa Cruz
Calle Degetau
Bayamón, PR 00961
Tel. 787 785 2134

bayamon iglesia

Topography: Because of its location in the Northern Coastal Valley, its territory is mainly flat. Nevertheless, the following hills can be mentioned: the 1,811 foot La Peña, and the 866 foot Vergaras hill.
Hydrography: The Bayamón river, which is one of the six longest of Puerto Rico, Hondo, Minillas, Bucarabones and Cuesta Arriba rivers.
Economy: Commerce & manufacture
Average Salary: $291.37 weekly (1998)

Flag: On March 29, 1977, the Municipal Assembly of Bayamón officially approved the flag and corrected the errors which existed in the city code following Resolution No. 59 dated April 8, 1971.

The current flag of Bayamón, with a white field, official color of Bayamón, was embroidered by Mrs. Gloria M. León and maintains the design and colors of its Coat of Arms.

Coat Of Arms: This shield is symbol and synthesis of the history and the values that distinguish the city of Bayamón. The main colors of the shield are blue and silver representing the waters of the Bayamón river and recalls that it was on these banks where the first hydraulic sugar cane refinery of Puerto Rico was established in 1549. The center contains the Holy Cross (Santa Cruz), patron of the first church of the municipality and the name of the old sugar cane refinery “Santa Cruz”, which was the historical origin of the town of Bayamón. The sugar cane flowers (guajanas) allude directly to the sugar cane industry that is of social and economic importance to the origin and development of Bayamón.

The five-tower crown, which is used for cities, was assigned to Bayamón as an exception for its extraordinary urban development, the magnitude of its population and for its religious dignity, which will possibly be raised to become Episcopal seat. The motto “IN HOC SIGNO VINCES” makes reference to Emperor Constantine when in the IV century had the vision in which the victory was promised to him if it accepted the Cross of Christianity as his banner.

Public schools sorted by educational levels.
Updated: 08/07/2003
Bayamón Region
Bayamón I District

Name Level Telephone Address
ARTURO SOMOHANO K-6 (787) 787-0938 PO BOX 3065, P.R. 00959-3065
AURELIO PEREZ MARTINEZ K-6 (787) 787-1132 URB SANTA ELENA BH 200 CALLE 6, P.R. 00957-0000
BRAULIO DUEÑO COLON K-6 (787) 785-0246 CALLE BRAULIO DUEÑO, P.R. 00961-0000
DOLORES ALVAREZ K-6 (787) 797-2010 PO BOX 4158, P.R. 00958-1158
DR HIRAM GONZALEZ K-6 (787) 785-2536 PO BOX 265, P.R. 00957-0000
DR. SANTOS J. SEPULVEDA K-6 (787) 786-7625 PO BOX 3065, P.R. 00959-3065
EPIFANIO FERNANDEZ VANGA K-6 (787) 786-7625 PO BOX 8774, P.R. 00960-8774
JOSE DAVILA SEMPRIT PK-6 (787) 786-8820 PO BOX 6075 SUITE 1, P.R. 00960-0000
JOSE JULIAN TAPIA K-6 (787) 787-8969 RIO PLANTATION CALLE 2, P.R. 00961-0000
JUAN MORELL CAMPOS K-6 (787) 786-5520 URB VILLA RICA, P.R. 00959-0000
K-6 (787) 797-1775 URB CANA 100 CALLE 11, P.R. 00957-0000
PAJAROS AMERICANOS K-6 (787) 797-3832 PO BOX 265, P.R. 00960-0000
RAFAEL HERNANDEZ K-6 (787) 797-2848 PO BOX 117, P.R. 00961-0000
RAFAEL MARTINEZ NADAL K-6 (787) 785-1150 PO BOX 107061, P.R. 00960-7061
RAMON MORALES PEÑA K-6 (787) 798-3773 URB RIVERVIEW, P.R. 00959-0000
REXVILLE ELEMENTAL PK-6 (787) 797-5004 URB REXVILLE, P.R. 00957-0000
TOMAS CARRION MADURO PK-6 (787) 785-3292 PO BOX 475, P.R. 00960-0000
VAN SCOY K-6 (787) 797-7335 PARCELAS VAN SCOY, P.R. 00957-0000
VIRGILIO DAVILA K-6 787) 785-2378 CARR 2 SUITE 15, P.R. 00959-5259
INTERMEDIA CACIQUE AGÜEYBANA 7-9 (787) 780-9906 PO BOX 607061, P.R. 00960-7061
JUAN RAMON JIMENEZ 7-9 (787) 798-5428 DISTRITO ESCOLAR I, P.R. 00961-0000
MARIA VAZQUEZ DE UMPIERRE 7-9 (787) 797-5360 CARR 167 KM 15 HM 3, BO BUENA VISTA,P.R. 00957-0000
PABLO CASALS 7-9 (787) 797-1215 PO BOX 607071 SUITE 12, P.R. 00960-7071
REXVILLE INTERMEDIA 7-9 (787) 797-3340 PO BOX 333, P.R. 00960-0333
WILLIAM RIVERA PONCE 7-9 (787) 780-3119 PO BOX 265, P.R. 00960-0000
ACADEMIA DE ADULTOS 1-12 (787) 785-3584 BOX 6695, P.R. 00960-6695
PAPA JUAN XXIII 7-12 (787) 785-3449 URB VILLA RICA, P.R. 00956-0000
SU CACIQUE MAJAGUA K-9 (787) 797-5480 PO BOX 1995, P.R. 00956-9611
High School
FRANCISCO GAZTAMBIDE VEGA 10-12 (787) 799-0563 RR 5 BOX 7943, P.R. 00956-9718
PEDRO P CASABLANCA 10-12 (787) 782-1562 JARDINES DE CAPARRA, P.R. 00959-0000
REXVILLE SUPERIOR 10-12 (787) 797-1850 URB REXVILLE CALLE 41 FINAL, P.R. 00957-0000
SUPERIOR CACIQUE AGUEYBANA 10-12 (787) 780-9709 PO BOX 607061 BMS 598, P.R. 00960-7061
Bayamón Region
Bayamón II District

Name Level Telephone Address
ÁNGEL MISLAN HUERTAS K-6 (787) 787-3726 Calle39, P.R. 00956-0000
BERNARDO HUYKE K-6 (787) 786-5275 PO Box 2831, P.R. 00960-2831
CARLOS ORAMA PADILLA K-3 (787) 785-5630 PO Box 1468, P.R. 00960-0000
CARMEN GÓMEZ TEJERA PK-6 (787) 785-1364 PO Box 9466, P.R. 00960-0000
DIEGO TORRES VARGAS K-6 (787) 786-3075 Urb. MAGNOLIA GARDENS V1 Calle 20, P.R. 00956-0000
FRANCISCO OLLER PK- 4-6 (787) 785-6393 Urb. MAGNOLIA GARDENS VI Calle 20, P.R. 00956-0000
GUARAGUAO CARRETERA 1-6 (787) 787-9774 PO Box 4314, P.R. 00958-1314
INÉS MARIA MENDOZA K-6 (787) 780-8232 PO Box 916, P.R. 00960-0000
JOSÉ ANDINO Y AMEZQUITA K-6 (787) 798-1265 PO Box 8417, P.R. 00960–0000
JOSÉ CAMPECHE K-6, EE (787) 786-1580 Urb. SANTA JUANITA CALLE ROBLE SECC 11, P.R. 00956-0000
JOSEFINA BARCELÓ K-6 (787) 798-0405 RIGEL SECC 12 IRLANDA HEIGHTS, P.R. 00956-0000
JOSEFITA MONSERRATE DE SELLES K-6 (787) 785-2238 PO Box 138, P.R. 00956-0138
JULIO RESSY K-6 (787) 799-4950 BOX 8418 Suite 67, P.R. 00956
RAFAEL COLON SALGADO K-6 (787) 799-0333 PO Box 1244, P.R. 00960-0000
RAÚL JULIA (FLAMBOYAN GARDENS) K-6 (787) 785-9140 PO Box 8150, P.R. 00959-0000
MARÍA E BAS DE VÁZQUEZ K-6 (787) 786-5586 PO Box 1221, P.R. 00960-1221
DR. JOSÉ PATÍN EE (787) 785-0010 Urb. LOMAS VERDES CALLE JACINTO Esq. DRAGON, P.R. 00956-0000
JESÚS SÁNCHEZ ERAZO 7-9 (787) 787-4831 Urb. SANTA JUANITA CALLE MARTIZ SECC 9, P.R. 00956-0000
JOSÉ ANTONIO DÁVILA 7-9 (787) 785-2292 PO Box 132, P.R. 00960-0000
MARIA E RODRÍGUEZ 7-9 (787) 798-4970 PO Box 6850, P.R. 00960-0000
MARIANO FELIU BALSEIRO 7-9 (787) 785-9185 Urb. LOMAS VERDES Carr. 831, P.R. 00956-0000
PADRE RUFO M FERNÁNDEZ 7-8 (787) 786-3794 PO Box 104, P.R. 00956-0000
LUIS PALES MATOS 7-12 (787) 786-4275 Urb. SANTA ROSA 100 Calle11, P.R. 00959-0000
MIGUEL MELÉNDEZ MUÑOZ 9-12 (787) 799-7300 PO Box 3169, P.R. 00960-3169
ANDRÉS C GONZÁLEZ K-9 (787) 797-6580 RR 8 BOX 1995 MSC 223, P.R. 00956-0000
JOSE M TORRES K-9 (787) 730-0090 PO Box 1995 MSC 156, P.R. 00956-1995
NUEVA ESCUELA SU DE K-9 (787) 730-5613 RR 5 BOX 5829 Suite 6, P.R. 00956-5829
High School
AGUSTÍN STAHL 10-12 (787) 785-1279 Calle PARQUE Esq. BETANCES BOX 425, P.R. 00956-0000
MIGUEL DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA 10-12 (787) 785-4065 PO Box 2728, P.R. 00960-2728
TOMAS CONGAY 10-12 (787) 785-3414 APARTADO 254, P.R. 00956-0000

Himno: Por: Ramón Luis Rivera

Bayamón, ciudad hermosa
orgullosa de su ayer
al mirar hacia el futuro
ves un nuevo amanecer.

En tu gente la esperanza
son tus hijos tu primor
porque luchan sin descanso
por triunfar y darte honor.

Bayamón, mi ciudad
mi lugar es aquí
porque quiero luchar
en tu suelo hasta morir.

Bayamón, mi ciudad
orgulloso estoy de ti
de tu amor cantaré,
en un himno al porvenir.

Bayamón, mi ciudad
mi lugar es aquí
porque quiero luchar
en tu suelo hasta morir.


Fiestas Patronales Santa Cruz – Mayo
Natalicio José Celso Barbosa – Julio
Festival del Chicharrón – Julio
Festival de Artesanía – Julio

Lugares De Interés:
Casa Alcaldía
Coliseo Rubén Rodríguez
Estadium Juan Ramón Loubriel
Monumento José Celso Barbosa
Museo Franciso Oller
Parque Central de Bayamón
Parque De Las Ciencias
Teatro Braulio Castillo

bayamon barberia
Barber Shop 1941.

Dr. José Celso Barbosa – Médico, periodista político y poeta
Santiago Polanco Abreu – Representante y Comisionado Residente en Washington
Braulio Castillo Cintrón (1933- ) – Actor
Lucesita Benítez – Cantante
Francisco Oller – Pintor
Chuito el de Bayamón (1900- 1979) – Trovador música típica
Francisco Manrique Cabrera
José Antonio Dávila
Gonzalo Núñez
Isabel Gutiérrez del Arroyo


How to get to Bayamón from San Juan.

direction bayamon


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